The Best Wedding Planners in Paris for the Destination Wedding of your Dreams!

Getting Married in Paris? Here is our selection of the best Parisian Wedding Planners to make the process easier!

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Planning a wedding can be a frantic time, and it may be the case that your plans are disorganized and underwhelming. Planning a Destination Wedding can be even more stressful! So we are going to lend you a helping hand with our selection of the best wedding planners in Paris for your destination wedding! To mention a few, these planners have caught our attention with their brilliant imagination, wacky ideas, and fiery charisma… therefore read up on their top tips by following the links. Enjoy discovering the professionals’ secrets…

Com’une Orchidée

Do you dream of a fairytale wedding?… call on Com’une Orchidee to turn this into a reality. This wedding planner takes care of every last detail so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the special day…. Marjorie and Charlotte know better than anyone that for a successful wedding, sufficient planning is vital! From the simple to the extravagant, the planners follow your lead while adding their own personal touch so that your wedding is simply superb.

Com'Une OrchidéeLearn more about “Com'Une Orchidée”
Com’Une Orchidée
Com'une OrchidéeLearn more about “Com'une Orchidée”
Com’une Orchidée

They will go above and beyond to meet your wishes and devise plans tailored to your very own needsTheir advice is unbeatable. Their sole objective is to make your day run as smoothly as possible. Likewise, they are happy to travel for the wedding. From Barcelona to Marrakesh, their belief is that tropical havens go hand in hand with creative and innovative ideas.

Com'Une Orchidée Keith Flament PhotographeLearn more about “Com'Une Orchidée Keith Flament Photographe”
Com’Une Orchidée – Keith Flament Photographe
Com'Une Orchidée - Keith Flament PhotographeLearn more about “Com'Une Orchidée - Keith Flament Photographe”
Com’Une Orchidée – Keith Flament Photographe

Les Mariages de Colleen

Les Mariages de Colleen will be sure to reach all your expectations and ensure you have a wonderful Parisian wedding. Their twenty years of experience in this competitive line of work gives them the top knowledge and management skills necessary, as well as being a calming and optimistic presence throughout the planning process. Promising to be on standby 24/7, this group of professionals leaves nothing unanswered for so that your big day runs to perfection.  Whether your wedding has a touch of crazy and rock ‘n’ roll or is simple and chic, they are happy to adapt and work to your needs and commands. What’s more, they can recommend the best services to help you have the optimum destination wedding. It would be the wedding of your dreams!

Les Mariages de Colleen Learn more about “Les Mariages de Colleen ”
Les Mariages de Colleen
Les Mariages de ColleenLearn more about “Les Mariages de Colleen”
Les Mariages de Colleen

Sandy.T Events Paris

Sandy T Events Paris is an expert in organizing your beautiful day. With more than 15 years of experience they are now one of the leading wedding planner agencies in Paris. They aspire to surpass your expectations, making sure every last detail is planned to precision, as well as bringing quality and excellence. You will never find them using the words “perhaps” or “maybe.” Always striving for “haute couture”, they offer a service tailored to the individual, and they have the rare ability to turn an ordinary room into a fairytale wedding.  Sandy T consists of an expert team that will be delighted to assist you on your adventure, also having an address book filled with professional services that really make all the difference. If you are still wondering why Sandy T Events is one of the best wedding planners in Paris then see for yourself- we’ve said all we can!

Sandy. T Events - Fred Marigaux Photographe Learn more about “Sandy. T Events - Fred Marigaux Photographe ”
Sandy. T Events – Fred Marigaux Photographe
Sandy.T - Fred Marigaux PhotographeLearn more about “Sandy.T - Fred Marigaux Photographe”
Sandy.T – Fred Marigaux Photographe

Mariage dans l’Air

You will adore Mariage dans l’air’s motto: “There are a thousand ways to get married, but only one is for you!” This one sentence says it all and Alexandra will work with you to achieve the wedding of your dreams. Hand in hand, and little by little, together you will make your big day complete. In this period of doubts, Alexandra will be your best friend in the creation of what will be the most special day of your life. It is your choice whether you want just a few tips or for the day to be planned all ready for you, but regardless, for them the sky is the limit. You can put your absolute trust in them and they promise to give you memories to last a lifetime.

Mariage dans l'Air - Studio Cabrelli PhotographeLearn more about “Mariage dans l'Air - Studio Cabrelli Photographe”
Mariage dans l’Air – Studio Cabrelli Photographe
Mariage dans l'Air - Chris HartwigLearn more about “Mariage dans l'Air - Chris Hartwig”
Mariage dans l’Air – Chris Hartwig

Label’ Emotion Paris

Label’ Emotion is the perfect agency for a stylish wedding in Paris. Like any professional, they know all the latest trends. The key to their success is Florie Roch, a dynamic, passionate and rigorous individual. She brings all the motivation needed in the mountainous preparations involved in planning a wedding. Likewise she leaves nothing to the imagining, matching your expectations and desires perfectly, as if she had read your mind! Treating the wedding as if it were her own, her service also includes recommending the best providers. Your big day will be everything you wished for and more!

Label'Emotion ParisLearn more about “Label'Emotion Paris”
Label’Emotion Paris
Label'Emotion Paris Learn more about “Label'Emotion Paris ”
Label’Emotion Paris

Les Noces de Zara

Are you looking for a fabulous oriental wedding or a even a multicultural one? Les Noces de Zara is inevitably the wedding planner for you! In the heart of Paris, Fatiha awaits you with open arms! She is an excellent listener who will always take into account all of your desires. Constantly brimming with ideas, she will accompany you throughout the process: from releasing fluttering butterflies, a magical fireworks display or the positioning of one of those fashionable candy bars– her only goal is that everything is perfect on your big day.

Les Noces de Zara - Love Story PhotographeLearn more about “Les Noces de Zara - Love Story Photographe”
Les Noces de Zara – Love Story Photographe
Les Noces de Zara Learn more about “Les Noces de Zara ”
Les Noces de Zara

Mon Plus Beau Jour

Mon Plus Beau Jour can account for more than 10 years of experience. Their specialty includes organizing weddings for brides from all walks of life: (New York, London, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, and Cameroon.)  The success of Marie- Emilie and her team is no secret as they have organized weddings all over the world with a range of differing cultures. Their creativity is unbelievable! Whether you want a traditional wedding with a touch of exoticism or a wedding that falls under the “never seen before” category, you can count on them to work tirelessly to achieve your dreams. Many celebrities have already put their trust in them… this is top secret information however… all you need to know is that this company reinvents and reshapes traditions so that your wedding is anything but average!

Mon Plus Beau Jour - Patrice Lariven PhotographeLearn more about “Mon Plus Beau Jour - Patrice Lariven Photographe”
Mon Plus Beau Jour – Patrice Lariven Photographe
Mon Plus Beau Jour - M&JPhotographyLearn more about “Mon Plus Beau Jour - M&JPhotography”
Mon Plus Beau Jour – M&JPhotography

Les Têtes Chercheuses

Les Têtes Chercheuses or better yet known as the queens of weddings! The team brings refined simplicity, and the aesthetic universes imagined by them leaves one in a state of awe and wonder. They will capture the real you perfectly, leaving you 100% satisfied. Les Têtes Chercheuses only offers you the crème de la crème: lush reception areas, gourmet caterers, and picturesque scenery accompanied by subtle lighting…. All are stunning for a wedding.  This agency consists of a number of individuals with a range of talents: scenographers, florists, and photographers… and their address book holds all the secrets. If you want to take a peak then choose them!

Les Têtes Chercheuses Learn more about “Les Têtes Chercheuses ”
Les Têtes Chercheuses
Les Têtes Chercheuses Learn more about “Les Têtes Chercheuses ”
Les Têtes Chercheuses

Floasis Events

Its optimism, attention to detail and innovative ideas that make Floasis Events the perfect wedding planner for your fairytale wedding. Creativity and imagination, bountiful elegance and a countryside feel are fundamental elements, just what you need to compose your beautiful day. Trust them with your wildest dreams, however crazy they may be – unbreakable trust is paramount for the relationship between you and your wedding planner. Whether you have all your plans ready to go or are a little lost in the magnanimous routes you can take, the most important thing is not to panic- Florence will take over everything, allowing you to call all the shots. Whether you need help with décor, finding a reception, or the coordination of your day, this company has all the tools required. Trust in the number of beautiful stories one has to offer about the work of this company- they can honestly make your wedding a day to remember.

Floasis Events Wedding PlannerLearn more about “Floasis Events Wedding Planner”
Floasis Events Wedding Planner

Floasis Events

Sweet Sweet Wedding 

With Sweet Sweet Wedding, we can assure you that planning your wedding will be the best time of your life. Eglantine will be entirely at your disposal, and the process will be completely stress-free! It will be 100% unique, but more importantly 100% you.  Entrust her with all your desires, and on the big day, everything will be taken care of. While you will spend all day on cloud 9, she will be making sure that all runs according to plan. Her rigour, sense of organization, a thousand and one ideas and sweet disposition will undoubtedly delight you. She will guide you every step of this exciting journey in search of the perfect wedding. Smile, you are in good hands!

Sweet Sweet Wedding  - Ernestine & Sa Famille PhotographeLearn more about “Sweet Sweet Wedding - Ernestine & Sa Famille Photographe”
Sweet Sweet Wedding – Ernestine & Sa Famille Photographe
Sweet Sweet Wedding  - Ernestine & Sa Famille Photographe
Sweet Sweet Wedding – Ernestine & Sa Famille Photographe

So there we have it! Paris’ Top Wedding Planners for your Destination Wedding!

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