The Best Wedding Planner for your Dream Destination Wedding in Cartagena, Colombia

How can you be sure that your destination wedding in Cartagena, Colombia, runs perfectly? Well, with the help of this talented wedding planner you will have a flawless day and an unforgettable experience in this beautiful city.

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If a trustworthy and friendly tour guide is all it takes for an amazing trip, then finding someone similar to plan your wedding  in a city that you don’t know is even more important. So, if you’re thinking about getting hitched in the beautiful Colombian city of Cartagena, an increasingly popular wedding destination, let us introduce you to the best wedding planner of the area, who will make sure that your guests remember your special ocassion as one of their most amazing trips!

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Photo: Amauri Photo Studio

Leidis Leguia Wedding & Event Planner, is an expert in both, weddings and the incredible Cartagena, which are her two great loves that she has combined into the work she does. Her work has given her the ability to get to know amazing people and to be a part of their dream wedding and experiences abroad. It all started when she organized Ameth and Juan’s special day, “this particular event enabled me to grow as a person and understand the world from the perspective of a bride-and-groom to be”, explains Leidis.

saveLeidis Leguia Wedding & Event PlannerBook your wedding with Leidis Leguia
Foto: Delgado Fotógrafos

The Wedding

The wedding itself constitutes the most part of Leidis’ time, her planning process and curiosity regarding the world of such happy celebrations never end. So with Leidis you’ll delight in finding the two characteristics that couples look for the most: creativity and trust. With the first, she makes sure that no two weddings are the same, based on her knowledge and experience with unique and personal event planning. She’ll work with you to achieve your particular style and ensure that your event is special and personal to you as a couple.

With the second, brides and grooms can be sure that no unexpected surprises or mishaps will surface, considering the numerous years of experience that keep this wedding planner one step ahead of any eventuality and prepared for any circumstance. For example, she’ll even advise you on the perfect time for your wedding, “pretty much all dates are perfect for celebrating a wedding in Cartagena, except during independence day on the 11th November, as well as Easter  and the start/end of each year, as this is when the city is the most busy and prices will be higher for flights and hotels”, she tells us.

saveLeidis Leguia Wedding & Event PlannerBook your wedding with Leidis Leguia
Photo: Leidis Leguia Wedding & Event Planner

The Travel Experience

In addition to finding the perfect wedding planner, you should also be expecting expert travel advice to enable you to make the most of Cartagena: “the unique experience that I offer isn’t limited to the wedding, I also provide a travel experience around the city, immersion into the Caribbean culture, and quality time spent with family and friends after a magical wedding.” With Leidis, the fun doesn’t just stop with the marriage itself, so have a pre-wedding and post-wedding travel experience with the help of her expertise!

saveLeidis Leguia Wedding & Event PlannerBook your wedding with Leidis Leguia
Photo: Catalina + Andrés Fotografía

On the Leidis Leguia Wedding & Event Planner website, you’ll find numerous articles that will convince you why getting married in Cartagena is SO worth it, as well as useful information that describes the best churches or venues for the ceremony, it even offers the chance to tie the knot in a theatre! It also includes many ideas for decorating your Cartagena wedding, the Romantic capital of South America. Think useful tips and expert knowledge that combine modern wedding trends with the colonial character of Cartagena.

saveLeidis Leguia Wedding & Event PlannerBook your wedding with Leidis Leguia
Photo: Leidis Leguia Wedding & Event Planner

So, if you have made the excellent decision to jet off to Cartagena for your wedding day, but you are worried about how little you know the city, don’t worry! All the romance and magic that the colonial atmosphere will bring to your wedding will blend flawlessly with the beauty and diversity of the Caribbean culture, to make for an unforgettable celebration. It will be a day ruthlessly planned by the creative and talented Leidis Leguia Wedding & Event Planner. Leidis will take charge of everything so that all you have to do is ENJOY both Cartagena and the most special day of your life. So what are you waiting for?

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