Beach Wedding? Here are the Best Hairstyles for Brides and Guests Alike!

Don't let a little wind and heat keep you from that beach wedding you've always dreamed of. Discover the perfect hairstyles for beach weddings!

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During the summer, the beach is the most popular setting for weddings. We all dream of the perfect beach wedding with warm weather, lots of sunshine, and a cool breeze. As brides, what we tend to overlook is what all of this will do to our hair. The typical up-dos that we’re used to seeing on brides don’t last two minutes in the heat and humidity, but there’s no need to worry. We’ve collected bridal hairstyles that can withstand a beach wedding and last you the whole night. Stay tuned!

Foto: When He Found Her
photo: When He Found Her
Foto: Brumley & Wells
photo: Brumley & Wells

For Short Hair


We often think that styling options are limited for people with short hair. This is far from the truth. For a beach wedding, opt for voluminous waves and add a braid for a bohemian touch or for a more elegant and romantic look, curl your hair and pull the top half back.

Foto: Shutterstock
photo: Shutterstock
Foto: Rebecca Yale Photography
photo: Rebecca Yale Photography

For Medium Length Hair

If your hair is prone to frizz, don’t rule out braids. There are endless possibilities when it comes to braids. Experiment with French, fishtail, and Dutch braids and pick the one that goes best with your look. You can even opt for a braided bun, and if braids aren’t your thing, put your hair up into a messy bun for a sophisticated but relaxed bridal look that won’t get ruined by wind.

photo: BHLDN
photo: BHLDN

For Long Hair

Compliment your long gorgeous locks with a half up-do. Pull the top half back into a French braid for a fun and youthful touch and wear the rest in waves or loose curls.

If you want something more polished, sleek your hair back into a plain ponytail. Hide the elastic by pinning a small piece of hair around the band. Add glamour by wearing it high and adding lots of body and volume.

Click here for ponytail hair inspiration for your wedding!

photo: BHLDN
photo: BHLDN

Don’t let a little wind and heat keep you from that beach wedding you’ve always dreamed of. These hairstyles can withstand the elements and keep you looking gorgeous the whole night!

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