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The 8th Edition of the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference - Book Your Flights to Beautiful Arezzo Today!

The 8th edition of the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference is set to take place in Arezzo - a gorgeous suburb in Tuscany, Italy - in June 2019, so book your plane tickets and save your space now for a conference that is sure to be absolutely amazing!

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Exito Media Concepts Pvt. Ltd. has partnered with the Arezzo Intour Foundation to host the European edition of one of the most esteemed wedding planning conferences held internationally; the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference 2019.

Arezzo will be the official host partner for the 3-day event from June 2nd to 4th, 2019. The conference will bring together the most celebrated wedding planners from over 50 different countries. After a roaring success of the last 6 editions in locations like Goa, Barcelona and Dubai – and with the 7th planned for Bangalore in March 2019 – this edition of the conference will explore the uniqueness and beauty of Arezzo, and its immense potential for luxury and destination weddings. Being an idyllic Tuscan province and a popular wedding destination, Arezzo promises both a gorgeous setting and an unforgettable experience for the couples and their guests.

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The three days of the conference is organized by Exito with the Arezzo Intour Foundation, and in collaboration with the Guido d’Arezzo Foundation, the Municipality of Arezzo and the Arezzo Chamber of Commerce. The event is an exclusive platform to showcase this exotic Tuscan location to the world of weddings, and showcase the innumerable options available for both couples and planners to pursue. The province of Arezzo with its rolling hills, beautiful vineyards, lavender fields, and medieval towns makes for an old world, romantic and rustic location.

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The number of couples from around the world seeking enhanced and exclusive experiences is at an all-time high, thereby increasing the lookout by the wedding planners to seek new and unexplored destinations to meet the  demands of this growing market. Also, the increased spending budget of the couple allow the wedding planners to weave distinct experiences for each wedding to match the couples’ personalities and wishes. Participating at EWPC Europe therefore gives attending wedding planners a lucrative opportunity to explore this lesser known gem of Tuscany, and to organize their upcoming weddings.

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The conference is a one-of-a-kind platform, hosting the top wedding planners from across the globe. It provides a fantastic opportunity to build a strong professional network with providers and wedding planners from various countries to foster collaborations for future projects. It is an exclusive platform facilitating an extensive learning opportunity, helping providers to understand global wedding markets and trends, how the industry is shaping up, and the future prospects of the business.

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The industry leaders and experts will be seen sharing their experience and expertise with the delegates to extend valuable knowledge and address the latest trends and challenges affecting wedding planners globally. The event will be hosted in a celebratory setting, with a distinctive Italian vibe. So book your tickets now, and benefit from this wonderful opportunity – you have nothing to lose, and perhaps a lot to gain!

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