The 6 Best Catering Companies for Your Destination Wedding in Bogota, Colombia.

Nothing beats every detail of your wedding being perfect. From your look to the party, including the DJ or orchestra you chose, plus the wedding stationery and of course, one of the most important aspects – the food. The idea is to delight your guests with exquisite food, a delicious drink and a dessert as a perfect complement. 

Nowadays, the trend in catering for weddings is to provide sophisticated, creative and original experiences that demand more effort in the preparation and presentation of each dish. This is not only based on the end result, but also to understand the tastes of the couple, the guests and offer an unforgettable dinner for everybody. So that your wedding menu doesn’t get too stressful, today we present our selection of the Top 6 Wedding Caterers in Bogota. Discover these talented providers and delight your guests with your selection.

Bodega & Cocina

Undoubtedly one of the most recognized companies for wedding catering in Bogota. Their service for weddings is to pay attention to detail from the outset, which is why they like to have a closeness with the couple who can then tell them how they imagine their special day to be, and get to know their tastes in food so that they can offer a menu that meets their expectations.

You can be sure that they leave no detail unattended, their added value is that they sit down with the bride and groom and design the best menu, from the welcome cocktail to dessert. They also do tastings relevant to the menu prior to the big day, with the objective that absolutely no detail is pending. Impeccable service and quality results in the excellent result and a delicious meal. The idea is that couples don’t have to worry about anything whatsoever, their service staff are trained constantly for innovations and new trends, and available to give guests the best recommendations in cocktails and spirits to accompany dinner. Their experience, quality service and delicious food are just one of the many reasons that you choose them as an option. You’ll love them!

Comida en el set

Their motto is to always exceed the expectations of the couple. Comida en el set is a company that will not only provide delicious options for catering for your wedding, but also will accompany the assembly, planning and execution so that everything goes according to plan. From the menu design (based on the tastes and preferences of the couple) their unforgettable dishes will leave a lasting memory, not only because of the taste but the presentation and care they have for each of the weddings they work. They retain the essence of flavor in each of their dishes, always going above and beyond with the product presentation and high quality standards, and each recipe must be designed and created to suit the event.

 Harry Sasson

Another superb option! One of the best restaurants in the city and the country also has at their disposal the best catering for your wedding. You will love its extensive menu that includes local ingredients and many options to choose from a variety of exquisite dishes.

Catering by Rausch

It’s almost impossible for you not to want the delicious food of the well-known Rausch brothers as part of your wedding. And it is no wonder, because of the wide variety of dishes on offer, combined with their experience as two of the most important chefs in the country, that it’s a top choice for your big day. With their motto “discipline, experience and putting heart into every dish” they continue positioning themselves as one of the best choices for wedding catering. They also have a full production team for weddings, adjustable to the needs of the couple and the tastes of your guests. Your menu will have your choice of savoury and sweet from which you can choose the one that best suits your style and type of wedding. Highly recommended!

Lemaitre Catering

Interested in luxury catering for your wedding? Guided by the taste of good food and a culinary family tradition, Lemaitre decided to venture into the food industry more than a decade ago and today is one of the most recognized wedding catering companies nationwide. Their work focuses on serving all kinds of high-level events, such as weddings, where they are able to showcase their culinary talents. You’ll love their different options among which you will find traditional dishes and more innovative dishes. The best flavors of the kitchen, directly to your table, so you and your guests can enjoy them from start to finish.

Photo: taken from instagram @loslemaitre
Photo: taken from instagram @loslemaitre

Epicure Catering

Epicure Catering by Christian MacAllister is an ideal choice for your wedding. This company aims to provide a different and new gastronomic experience for social and corporate events. Not only do you get the best options for menu for your big day, but with them you can coordinate every detail of the food so that everything looks flawless in terms of décor and ambiance. This company has worked for major social events, led by chef Christian MacAllister, who is also known in the country for reinventing the idea of ​​catering. He has a different vision and is able to create culinary proposals intended as works of art.

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