The 5 Best Photographers for Your Wedding in Bogota

Discover 5 of The Best Wedding Photographers in Bogota for your Colombian Destination Wedding

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You find yourself planning your marriage and want everything to be perfect because you only get married once in your life, right? That is why we’re bringing you 5 of the Best Wedding Photographers in Bogota. Note that this is not a ranking but a selection of 5 of the Best Photographers in Bogota (although many of them offer their services anywhere in the country or the world).

Each photography company tells you what they offer and why you should choose them. Enjoy this selection!

Juyá Photographer

I’m a young wedding photographer from Colombia who is completely passionate about light and the good moments in life. I decided to dedicate my life to documenting true love through weddings and I can not be happier in my day to day job.

Juyá PhotographerLearn more about “Juyá Photographer”
Photo: Juyá Photographer

In my career as a photographer I have managed to live and witness countless moments and feelings that lead me to appreciate my work and lifestyle even more.

Juyá PhotographerLearn more about “Juyá Photographer”
Photo: Juyá Photographer

So far my greatest achievement has been to be the wedding photographer for my own parents, so now I cherish with my brothers one of the most beautiful memories of our lives.

Cristian Cardona

Every wedding is unique and special to us, so we work a limited number of weddings a year to ensure all our dedication in every project.

Foto: Christian CardonaLearn more about “Foto: Christian Cardona”
Photo: Christian Cardona

We love couples who believe and trust in our vision and style and let us take pictures of their wedding to a level that surprises and brings joy. We love couples who give us the opportunity to document one of the most important days of their life, we understand this responsibility and are willing to do anything for them.

Foto: Christian CardonaLearn more about “Foto: Christian Cardona”
Foto: Christian Cardona

Somos reconocidos por nuestras sesiones de retratos e imágenes de alto impacto visual, creemos firmemente en nuestra responsabilidad de crear recuerdos que trascienden para toda la vida.

Loop Studios

In Loop Studios we do things with love. We are two people telling the same story in two different languages – Lina making videos and Sergio taking pictures.

Loop StudiosLearn more about “Loop Studios”
Photo: Loop Studios

We like to tell stories and have found that the best way to do this is going almost unnoticed, letting situations develop and run their course because life, love and people look better when they are genuine.

Loop StudiosLearn more about “Loop Studios”
Photo: Loop Studios

We have been told we have the best job in the world and for 6 years we chose to dedicate ourselves to this. It fills us with happiness to know that the photos and videos will be preserved for generations – it’s a great responsibility and honor that we handle with total dedication and the utmost professionalism.

Artevisión Wedding Photography and Videography

We are a creative team dedicated to wedding photography, recorded from a sensitive, intimate and fun perspective. We believe that conveying the feeling through the pages of the album and the video images is the most demanding challenge of our work.

Artevisión Wedding Photography and VideographyLearn more about “Artevisión Wedding Photography and Videography”
Photo: Artevisión Wedding Photography and Videography

Artevision’s portfolio of services includes photography and video. They also have offices in Medellin and Bogota, although you can hire their services anywhere in the world.

Artevisio Wedding Photography and VideographyLearn more about “Artevisio Wedding Photography and Videography”
Photo: Artevision Wedding Photography and Videography

When you have the opportunity to see their work, you realize that they take care of every detail, even the smallest, and are always looking to capture the most unexpected moments. Their work and professionalism is impeccable and you’ll love them.

Memento Photo Studios

Inspiration in motion. That phrase defines our mission, inspired by image through movement. It defines why we do what we do. We aim to inspire good things and offer our support for every wedding we do.

Memento has a fresh and dynamic style, inspired by the great works of classical cinema, movement, sensuality and joy. 

We are the pioneers in digital cinema for weddings in Colombia. We specialize in telling the story of your marriage as you want to remember it. “It looks like a movie,” say our couples and their families. Memento was born to create memories that will stay in a family for generations, that is what motivates us every day, and as such, our couples’ satisfaction is our first concern. We are not seeking awards, we seek recommendations! We’re waiting for you!

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