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The 5 Australian Wedding Dress Designers Every Bride Should Know

Discover these amazing Australian bridal designers - sleek, sensual, vintage, and classic, these wedding dresses are not to be missed!

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To keep our readers up-to-date and to introduce them to new and up-and-coming designers, we travel the world to see what different bridal designers are doing. This time we travelled across the world to see what the bridal designers are doing in Australia and we were more than pleasantly surprised. Here we bring you the finest selection of the finest dresses from Australia.

1. Peter Trends Collection

For that bride who has found two dream dresses and wishes she could combine the two together, this is the brand for you. The Peter Trends Collection is for brides who want a truly unique and personal dress – brides can mix and match skirts, sleeves and necklines, playing with silhouette and intricate detailing till you find the exact combination that you love.


2. Amanda Garrett

Amanda Garrett is perfect for the fashion forward Bride. Her designs reveal to the transformative power of a fabulous dress. The designer is known for using wonderful fabrics, bespoke details and super-flattering cuts.


3. Pallas Couture

The 2016 collection “La Haute Bijoux” radiates extravagance and sophistication; you truly will have that “it girl” factor. The perfect balance between high fashion couture and romantic elegance, each dress is hand crafted to perfection giving an overall luxury bridal feeling.

001_Pallas Couture_Arcene_Front

4. Anna Campbell

The Gossamer Collection, now available worldwide, epitomizes Anna Campbell’s sense of grace and glamour. Encapsulating vintage charm, the bride who wears one of these dresses will shine with each step that she takes down the aisle. Inspired by French romance, each dress sparkles with opulent fabrics, intricate detailing and beautiful embellishments.

Anna Campbell

5. Sarah Janks

Wearing a Sarah Janks design will have you flawlessly moving between sophisticated and sexy with each step you take. The Canto Paradiso collection is a celebration of new beginnings and the bliss of a new moment.

Genevieve- Sarah Janks

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