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The 15 Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses from Movies We All Know and Love

The most beautiful wedding dresses found in popular cinema! Which one is your favorite?

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for your perfect wedding dress, why not have a look below at some of the most iconic dresses from some of our favorite movies…

The Godfather

The famous wedding scene from the Godfather. The bride’s dress is made from a variety of voluminous yet totally adorable fabrics. The dress from this movie represents an older aesthetic which is that of the puffy skirt, large and often long sleeves and a beautiful bodice, often made of lace. To top this look off, there is also a lovely bouquet with matching flowers in ivory and cream tones to match this understated and traditional look.

saveFoto: El Padrino
Photo: El Padrino

The Vow

Now for a look from a much more modern film. What’s not to love about this movie? It’a movie with a great storyline and of course the beautiful Rachel McAdams who teaches us how to be romantic and funny at the same time. Perfect for a civil ceremony, this wedding dress is short with a subtle neckline to complement the shorter length of the dress. If you’re looking for something a little different then why not join Rachel in picking something cute and pink?

savePhoto: The Vow
Photo: The Vow

Bride Wars

Can you imagine anything better than wearing a Vera Wang dress on your wedding day? Perhaps… how about two of you wearing Vera Wang? Both the dresses from this movie are perfect for each of the characters. One of the dresses is a classic princess style dress with a heart shape neckline, whilst the other is more daring with an off-the-shoulder neckline with bridal accessories. Both a simply beautiful…just don’t destroy your dress like they do in the movie!

saveFoto: Bride Wars
Photo: Bride Wars

About Time

This dress is all about breaking the rules, and in the best way possible. There is nothing better than the perfect red dress, and this is exactly what McAdams wears in the movie. The design is also just as good as that fiery red. With a loose-fitting skirt and capped capped sleeves paired with some nude color, you’re bound to impress. If you haven’t seen this movie then you absolutely should – it is a romantic rollercoaster that we know you’re going to love.

saveFoto: Cuestión de tiempo
Photo: Cuestión de tiempo

Funny Face

Even today, Audrey Hepburn is still a style icon, and never had she looked more sensational than in the iconic wedding dress in Funny Face. Paying homage to Paris and its love of sophistication and elegance, this dress is all that. Its traditional cut and boat neckline show off Audrey Hepburn’s beautiful figure. If you’re looking for something simple yet classic and flattering, bear this dress in mind.

saveFoto: Funny Face
Photo: Funny Face


So, obviously we couldn’t leave this wedding dress off the list! Although not everyone will consider themselves a fan of the Twilight Saga, it would be hard to ignore this stunning Carolina Herrera number. With long sleeves, a figure-hugging fit and a wonderfully intricate back, you’re going to feel like a real princess in a dress like this.

saveFoto: Twilight
Photo: Twilight

Romeo & Juliet

This wedding dress is a total classic in its own right. With a subtle V neckline and its sleeveless design with some satin buttons down the front of the bodice, this dress is effortlessly chic and incorporates a real sense of cool factor. We love this look for its originality and simplicity – you can’t go wrong really!

savePhoto: Romeo & Juliet
Photo: Romeo & Juliet

Sex and the City

Vivienne Westwood is the master-mind behind Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress in the Sex and the City Movie. The design of this fairy-tale dress experiments with all sorts of volumes and asymmetric touches such as the swathes of fabric to create a totally spectacular effect. The mix of neutral tones is highly sophisticated and only adds to the incredible aesthetic of the dress. If you’re feeling as daring and a fashion-confident as Carrie, why not opt for some feather accessories too!

saveFoto: Sex and the City
Photo: Sex and the City

Sweet Home Alabama

Reese Witherspoon helps to give some shape to this elegant and simple wedding look. The dress has a square neckline with a tighter section going from the bust to the knees, before fanning out for a more flared look. This dress is beautifully traditional without seeming boring, so if you’re looking to stick to the traditional look with a hint of glam then this could be the perfect starting point for you! Don’t forget to opt for a small and understated veil and a white bouquet – think all white, everything.

saveFoto: Sweet Home Alabama
Photo: Sweet Home Alabama

Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts embodies the image of the cool bride from top to toe and her dress matches her personality perfectly. In fact the dress is a bit of a contrast in itself, combining an illusion neckline with a traditional and long wedding dress – super cool. This dress has a similar sort of vibe to the one in Funny Face; casual, cool yet traditional at the same time.

saveFoto: Runaway Bride
Photo: Runaway Bride

Mamma Mia

Not only is Mamma Mia one of the best musicals around, it also has one of the most beautiful wedding dresses in it too! This is the perfect sort of look for brides going for a more bohemian style. The layers in this dress are so perfect – they’re romantic and cute without adding too much volume, making the dress very flattering. Amanda Seyfried’s hairstyle is perfectly undone and cool and is topped off with a tiara made of flowers with a tulle veil. For a countryside wedding this is the best place to start in terms of wedding dress inspiration!

saveFoto: Mamma mia
Photo: Mamma Mia

The Princess Diaries 2

Again, this movie may not be everyone’s favorite, but we couldn’t leave the dress from this movie off the list. Everything about this dress is perfectly romantic. Its long and lacy arms and simple and flattering skirt are divine. It’s one of those dresses that would look good on anyone and make the lucky bride wearing it feel like a million dollars!

savePhoto: The Princess Diaries 2
Photo: The Princess Diaries 2

Sound of Music

The musical of all musicals. We love this dress for its simplicity and total sense of tradition, as well as the clean cuts of fabric. This is the kind of look that defines the bride wearing the dress, so if you’re looking for something conservative yet statement, something along these lines could be the answer. Although this dress is from a while ago, the one thing to remember is that good taste never goes out of fashion.

saveFoto: Sound of Music
Photo: Sound of Music

Father of the Bride

This dress is captivating and gorgeous all at the same time. It mixes a more conservative shape and cut with a more modern touch of lace, making the dress a little bit more sexy whilst still remaining appropriate for a religious ceremony. If this is the look you’re going to go for, make sure you keep your veil quite simple so you don’t distract from the dress’ detailing.

savePhoto: Father of the Bride
Photo: Father of the Bride


We may have left the best until last. This movie is a special one with an equally special wedding dress to match. This dress is a true work of art, creating an alternative aesthetic by mixing a range of colours. Who said you had to play by the rules? It’s your wedding, pick a dress that totally reflects your character!

saveFoto: Melancholia
Photo: Melancholia

Which of these wedding dresses is your favorite? No matter which one you choose, Zankyou knows that you’re going to be the belle of the ball on your big day! Check out the Top 100 Dresses for 2017 here.

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