The 10 Most Beautiful Flowers for Your Wedding in 2017

Flowers and weddings have long been a match made in heaven for centuries, and for good reason too! It’s almost impossible to think of a wedding without any floral decor. Flowers bring an uplifting freshness to a room, and have the ability to subtly convey the personalities of the bride and groom. They can symbolize love, friendship and happiness; the components of what makes a great marriage.  

In this article, we take a look at 2017’s 10 Best Flowers that transform a room and embody the sentiments of a beautiful wedding.

1. Rose

“…A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We see that even dating back to the times of Romeo and Juliet, the rose has always been a metaphorically powerful flower. With the array of colors it produces, the rose holds different meanings such as, promise, hope, and mature love. 

1313 Photography
Photo Credit: 1313 Photography
Judy Pak Photography
Photo Credit: Judy Pak Photography
Becca Borge Photography
Photo Credit: Becca Borge Photography
Rona Wheeldon
Photo Credit: Rona Wheeldon
Katie Nicolle Photography
Photo Credit: Katie Nicolle Photography

2. Hydrangea

These small shrubs are normally used to achieve the most elegant centerpieces, being one of the most suitable flowers for wedding decorations. Characterized by a large crown made up of many small flowers, the unique nature of this flower is its color: intense shades of pink, blue, burgundy and purple, changing as it grows. It is graceful and can double as a stunning decorative floral arrangement as well as the groom’s boutonniere.  

Rubén Mejías
Photo Credit: Rubén Mejías
Laura Chacón
Photo Credit: Laura Chacón
Laura Chacón
Photo Credit: Laura Chacón
Laura Chacón
Photo Credit: Laura Chacón
Carla Aymat
Photo Credit: Carla Aymat
Jairo Crena
Foto: Jairo Crena

3. Peony

A new favorite in the floral industry for its blush-like color, reminiscent of the feelings one experiences from their first love. The round shape represents prosperity, making the Peony synonymous with good luck and hope. Perhaps this is the reason they are widely used in bridal bouquets. Over time, Peonies bloom quite beautifully. Symbolizing that with time and care, something beautiful can be grown. As this is the desire for any newlyweds, utilizing Peonies into your wedding day would be an excellent statement maker. Consider using them to decorate your wedding cake as a lovely, delicate accent.  

Elena Bau Fotografía
Photo Credit: Elena Bau Fotografía
Carla Aymat
Photo Credit: Carla Aymat
jairo crena
Foto: jairo crena
Photo Credit: Noonu

4. Buttercup

This hybrid of rose and peony is among the most versatile of flowers, as it is able to suit every kind of décor. With a variety of colors to choose from, the options are endless when choosing which color and arrangement will work best for your wedding. What does it symbolize? The Buttercup represents charm and attraction that survives the test of time.

Annmarie Swift Photography
Photo Credit: Annmarie Swift Photography
The Nichols
Photo Credit: The Nichols
The Great Romance
Photo Credit: The Great Romance
Jen Rodriguez Photography
Photo Credit: Jen Rodriguez Photography
Rebecca Yale Photography
Photo Credit: Rebecca Yale Photography

5. Tulip

Regarded as the official flower of the Netherlands, this flower represents the happy years; a perfect and everlasting love. Tulips are cultivated in a wide range of colors and are available most of the year. An original idea would be to give away Tulip bulbs to your wedding guests as a symbol of love that keeps growing day by day.  

Eric Boneske
Photo Credit: Eric Boneske
Jeremiah And Rachel Photography
Photo Credit: Jeremiah And Rachel Photography
Sylvie Gil Photography
Photo Credit: Sylvie Gil Photography
Melody Melikian Photography
Photo Credit: Melody Melikian Photography
Bess Friday
Photo Credit: Bess Friday

6. Carnation

Carnations have been a popular wedding flower for quite some time. Their slightly fragrant, frilly petals are synonymous with elegance and nobility, which makes them perfect for any type of event you may have in mind. How about a wall of carnations as the background  for a photo booth as seen below?

alicia nacenta
Photo Credit: Alicia Nacenta
Alicia Nacenta
Photo Credit: Alicia Nacenta
Sara Burnett
Photo Credit: Sara Burnett
Foto:  Emily March Photography
Photo Credit: Emily March Photography
Emily March Photography
Photo Credit: Emily March Photography

7. Lavender

The suave and romantic shades of lavender work wonderfully with almost all pairings. Its whimsical appearance can serve as a lovely accent for almost anything. Currently, Lavender is being seen used for vintage-themed weddings. It offers both a rustic look while maintaining its class and elegance. Use it to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations.  

Photo Credit: Noonu
Photo Credit: Noonu
alicia nacenta
Photo Credit: Alicia Nacenta
alicia nacenta
Photo Credit: Alicia Nacenta
Jewels Photography
Photo Credit: Jewels Photography
Angie Cao
Photo Credit: Angie Cao
Brenda Germade
Photo Credit: Brenda Germade

8. Astilbe

Native of China and Japan, this particular flower is very trendy. It’s’ soft and delicate “feathers” are not only beautiful and feminine, but also very affordable if you are considering using them on your special day. Original and sophisticated, it is one of the most romantic flowers thanks to the “feathery” petals that if caught in the wind, create a breathtaking illusion.

Photo Credit: Noonu
The Nichols
Photo Credit: The Nichols 
The Nichols
Photo Credit: The Nichols 
Onelove Photography
Photo Credit: Onelove Photography
The Nichols
Photo Credit: The Nichols
The Nichols
Photo Credit: The Nichols

9. Acacia 

A symbol of sensitivity, elegance and tenderness. Add a vibrant and rustic element to your wedding decorations with these branches that are full of poppy, yellow cheer. These flowers would work perfectly into a summer wedding with other vivid colors. 

Carla Coulson
Photo Credit: Carla Coulson
Dylan M Howell, Stocksy
Photo Credit: Dylan M Howell, Stocksy
kiss and chips
Photo Credit: Kiss and Chips
Photo Credit: Leslie Keating
Photo Credit: Ruffled Blog

10. Daisy

She loves me, she loves me not? She loves me! How many daisy petals have we plucked, daydreaming about the person we proclaimed to love? Daisies emote energy, cheerfulness, and simplicity. Use in a rural and vintage setting, and combine with lemons, wooden boxes and old watering cans. The simple theme will radiate romance throughout the space.

jairo crena
Photo Credit: Jairo Crena
Niko Studio
Photo Credit: Niko Studio
prisma Blanco Fotografía
Photo Credit: prisma Blanco Fotografía
beijos events
Photo Credit: beijos events
Calli B Photography
Photo Credit: Calli B Photography
Alicia Swedenborg
Photo Credit: Alicia Swedenborg

Flowers are one of the vital components in your wedding decor. They can so easily make a statement and add life to your event space. Choosing the right flowers for your special day can seem like a difficult decision, but we’re certain you’ll have an easier time choosing after seeing the flowers featured in this article.

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