Strike a Pose: 7 Ways To Make Sure You Look Your Best in Wedding Photos

Everyone has their concerns when being photographed on such an important day. Make sure you look and feel your best with our top tips and expert advice!

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On your wedding day, you’ll most likely spend more time and money on your appearance than any other day or event in your life. While we are confident you will look amazing, we’ve found that many couples typically don’t enjoy being photographed. This is understandable, but, years from now, when you are looking back at your wedding photos, you wan’t to be reminded of the happiness and genuine joy you experienced that day. Whether your groom has a goofy smile, or you don’t like posing for pictures, there’s still a chance for you to photograph in a way that will bring you pride when you look at your wedding photos.

saveEsther and Gabe Fine Art Wedding Photography
Esther and Gabe Fine Art Wedding Photography

We have created a list of tips from the experts on how to look and feel good while posing for your wedding photos. Complete with the worthy advice from husband-and-wife, Gabe and Esther. The artistic destination wedding photographers established Bell Studio Fine Art Wedding Photography and since then, have traveled all across the world photographing couples on their special day. Gabe’s advice is helpful for brides and grooms that desire to appear confident, yet relaxed in these momentous pictures.

1. Relax

It’s the first and most important thing to remember. The more comfortable you look and feel in front of the camera, the more your photos will become incomparably happy memories.

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Esther & Gabe Bell Studio

“The best advice I can give is to make sure you place yourself in an area in which you feel most comfortable,” says Gabe, “my best work is when the subjects look and feel so comfortable and genuinely happy.”

2. Get to Know your Photographer

One way to feel comfortable, is to see your wedding photographer as though they are simply another warmly invited guest, or better yet, a close friend. Discuss with them beforehand your preferred style, backdrop, angles, etc. Communication is key. This way, as Gabe has pointed out, your photos will portray genuine, rather than posed, emotion.

3. Know your Colors

“Personally, I’m always attracted to soft tones”, admits Gabe, who’s artistic wedding photography style employs a light, pastel aesthetic. However, every photographer varies their work according to the colors of each season, and of course, to the tastes of the bridal couple.

saveEsther & Gabe Bell Studio
Esther & Gabe Bell Studio

If you suit soft tones, hold your wedding in Spring and surround yourself with blossoms or fresh flowers. If you prefer the opposite, look into holding an autumnal wedding with rich hues of reds, oranges, browns, golds and purple. The color that most suits you depends on your skin tone, hair color, or general tastes as creative individuals.

4. Angle your Face

Based on research, people tend to visually appear better from a profile angle. Facing the camera front on makes faces look wider and rounder. So, dazzle from all angles by turning your head slightly to the side when saying ‘cheese’.

saveEsther & Gabe Bell Studios
Esther & Gabe Bell Studio

If you don’t know your best angle, simple scour through your favorite photos of yourself and see how you’ve been photographed well before. Or, just practice in the mirror!

saveEsther & Gabe Bell Studios
Esther & Gabe Bell Studio

5. Positioning of the Arms

Exposed arms seem to be a unified dislike among women when looking at pictures of themselves. If you’re caught off guard with your arms pressed down by your side, they tend to appear larger than they actually are. So, when you know you’re in the eye of the lens, have your arms do something else. Take your loved ones hand; hold your bouquet; clutch a celebratory champagne glass or place your hands on hips.

saveEsther & Gabe Bell Studios
Esther & Gabe Bell Studio

6. Eye Contact

When people are happy, their eyes positively glisten. However, with so much going on during such a special day, it’s hard to keep them bold and bright under the pressure of a camera flash. The trick is, ladies and gents, is to fixate your eyes to a low point of view, right before the shot is taken. Then, lift up your newly refreshed eyes to the camera and they’ll sparkle!

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Esther & Gabe Bell Studio

If this is still too much of a risk for you, because you’re the type to always end up looking half asleep in flash photography, the other option is simple. Look candidly away from the camera and cast your eyes on something that makes you smile.

7. Smile at all Times! 

We don’t doubt for a second that you’ll have the biggest grin on your face. But let’s face it, the best photos are the spontaneous ones. If you find an artistic photographer who can capture everything in the moment, you won’t need to practice pose after pose. As Gabe says, interaction with your photographer is key, and helps to loosen you up in their presence. After all, genuine smiles and laughter are more flattering than any posed angle.

So, with thanks to the expert advice from our top destination wedding photographer, Gabe from Bell Studio, you have no excuse to feel anything less than proud of your wedding album. We know you’ll look stunning, but we want you to think so too.

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