Sottero & Midgley Give Us Personality and Romance for Spring 2019

Sottero & Midgely's new collection for Spring/Summer 2019 is a celebration of romance and classical bridal fashion - but with the twist that we know will make this one of the standout collections for next season. Check out the preview here!

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Classical and romantic bridal wear is set to make a spectacular comeback for 2019, with the industry’s biggest designers, from Maggie Sottero to Mira Zwillinger, releasing new collections that are full of long skirts, lace overlays and floral motifs. However, Sottero & Midgley stands out from this crowd with their contribution to Spring/Summer 2019, with a collection that proves once and for all that bridal couture cannot be beaten for quality and sheer style. Fulfilling all our wildest bridal fashion dreams, our sneak peek at the latest range from one of our favourites here at Zankyou is sure to impress – so keep scrolling to discover the most romantic dresses for 2019, and be inspired for your own unique bridal look. And keep an eye out for the last dress in this preview – Sottero & Midgley might be following the trend for 2019, but they know exactly how to surprise us!

saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Atherton. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.
saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Bardot. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

With an emphasis on detailing that has become the namesake characteristic of the Sottero & Midgley brand, the new Spring/Summer collection is at once modern, youthful and completely feminine. Bringing together classic shapes, such as the princess cut ballgown and the mermaid gown, and adorning them with crystals, beading, allover lace and even sequins, means that this collection is perfect for the woman who wants the best of both worlds for her big day. Flirtatious without being too revealing, and romantic without reviving the modest shapes that we are glad to be rid of, Sottero & Midgley demonstrate a profound understanding of the modern woman who wants a contemporary dress, but one that will also allow her to fulfil her childhood dreams of looking like a princess.

saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Chauncey. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.
saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Davidson. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The beauty of these gowns is really emphasised against the breath-taking white desert backdrop of this shoot. It is clear that this location was chosen for a reason: it radiates power, strength and freedom – the three qualities that women who wear Sottero & Midgley on their wedding day all have. The designers at this internationally-acclaimed design house know their audience, and know that their wedding dresses are admired by the most ostentatious of women, who want to look like the picture-perfect bride, but also want to ensure that every pair of eyes is on them. It is impossible to not notice a bride wearing one of these gorgeous gowns – each one is designed to maximise attention, with intricate details that make it impossible to look away.

saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Dennison. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.
saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Jasper. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

There is a very subtle underlying theme to this collection, which differentiates this collection from the rest of the Maggie Sottero family for 2019. Soft bohemian vibes emanate from some of the gowns in this range, particularly the Dennison dress above. The use of allover lace, long sleeves, and the split front skirt creates a look that is perfect for the adventurous bride looking for something completely unique for her wedding day. Other dresses in this collection follow a similar style – for example, the adornment of the Atherton dress with a similar type of allover lace, and its nude undertones, create a more relaxed look for prospective brides. Though using traditional cuts and shapes, Sottero & Midgley’s collection for the upcoming season is full of personality and individuality that is sure to reflect a bride’s true character.

saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Judson. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.
saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Rickie. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

One of the most outstanding features of this collection is Sottero & Midgley’s focus on skirts. Though some gowns are more simple in their construction, many of these dresses – most notably the Rickie dress above, and the gorgeous Davidson gown a little further up – offer up drama and flair with their long flowing trains, and massive layers of tulle. Princess cut wedding dresses are indisputably the most romantic in the bridal fashion industry, but Sottero & Midgley goes one step further in this collection, managing to create several gowns that are fit for princesses. Indeed, any woman who has been dreaming of her wedding since she was a little girl will surely recognise the dress of her dreams within this range – a fantasy made reality!

saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Tyra. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.
saveDiscover the new Sottero & Midgley collection now!
Zander. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

However, the jewel of the latest Sottero & Midgley collection is undeniably the Zander dress, left to last so these designers can end on a real high. Though the classics are definitely coming back for 2019, innovation and modernisation is a real necessity for designers – and nothing says innovation like a black wedding dress. We have seen coloured dresses from brands such as Vera Wang and Ines di Santo for next season, but a black dress is something completely new – and something that many designers would not even dare to do! But this look is elegant instead of antiquated, dramatic instead of dreary, and proves to all of us that women do not have to wear white to look bridal on their wedding day. A daring decision, Sottero & Midgley land a home run with their show-stopping finale.

With such a variety of shapes and cuts on show, there is a dress for every modern woman in this collection. Sottero & Midgley have succeeded in reviving some of our favourite bridal traditions – from long skirts to V-neck backs – whilst almost making them thoroughly modern. We are sure that you will fall head over heels for these romantic wedding dresses, so look no further than Sottero & Midgley for your dream wedding dress for 2019!

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