The Smart Bride's Emergency Kit: 10 Emergency Items that are a MUST for your Big Day!

Despite there being many things a bride will probably forget in the mad rush of her wedding day, her Emergency Kit is not one of them! Consider this the Holy Grail of items that you simply cannot get married without!

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There are a lot of things you shouldn’t forget on your wedding day, but some things are simply vital. This is what we call the Smart Bride’s Emergency Kit. An emergency kit that will save your day (no exaggeration). We’re telling you everything that this kit should contain so that it is perfect and can solve any unforeseen wedding day mishaps.

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Photo: Ernesto Naranjo

1. Sewing Kit

Keep calm! We’re not saying that, with the myriad of suppliers out there, you still have to hire your mother’s dressmaker. However, it should be vital that you have at your disposal a box with needles, multi-colored threads, a thimble, small scissors, and some white or dark buttons. You never know when you will need to repair the lining of the dress or sew a button back on that gets lost on the way. And you know what they say, a cautious woman is worth two.

2. First Aid Kit

Scratches, splinters, blisters or cuts can happen even during the best moments of the wedding. So, to avoid any last-minute unforeseen events or mishaps that threaten to ruin the party, have a little First Aid kit with cotton, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, band aids etc.

saveFoto: Couche Photos
Photo: Couche Photos

3. Flip flops/Sandals

How many nights out have gone downhill because your heels have rubbed your feet to the point of you not even being able to walk? Do your very best to prevent this from happening to you on the happiest day of your life. To do this, a pair of flip flops or flat sandals will be your best friend during the dancing (no offence to the groom).

To stop your heels from sinking in the mud, check out these heel protectors.

 4. Wash Bag

Don’t fret about sweat on a day as special as your wedding day. Consider it mandatory to have a wash bag complete with deodorant, nail polish, tissues, a small hairbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, chewing gum, perfume, hand cream, and mattifying face powder (SPF-free), because after all, these items can get you out of trouble. Don’t forget to have several hair clips handy, as they can get lost along the way and along the dance floor!

5. Make-up

If we’re talking about beauty, there is one thing that can not be absent from your emergency kit: a small case with your basic makeup items – base products, eyeshadows, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara. Having said that, be very careful when retouching your makeup so as not to dirty your dress.

savePhoto: Shutterstock - Deborah Kolb
Photo: Shutterstock – Deborah Kolb

6. Stain Remover

In case of an accident, it is by no means unnecessary to include a good stain remover on your list of essential items. Depending on the stain, it may not be possible to remove it completely, but it will certainly help disguise it.

savePhoto: Shutterstock - IVASHstudio
Photo: Shutterstock – IVASHstudio

7. Tissues

It seems very obvious, but sometimes we can forget the most important things when we’re in a panic. Having a few tissues or handkerchiefs around will prevent your makeup from melting off in sweaty or emotional moments – both of which will be plentiful on your big day.

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Photo: Carolina Cattan

8. Eyeware

If you wear contact lenses or glasses, don’t even think about not carrying some spare. You might lose a lens or your glasses might break – both of which can certainly be irritating on your wedding day. So you’ll be much more relaxed if you have spares.. Don’t forget a good bottle of eye drops for dry eyes and to minimize redness in photographs.

savePhoto: Shutterstock - jujikrivne
Photo: Shutterstock – jujikrivne

9. Superglue

Yes, you read correctly. It’s a thousand times better that the day after the wedding you say: just as well that I brought glue to why I did not bring glue? Remember: a heel can break at any time and for any reason. And if that happens to you, you’ll be well prepared.

10. Medication

Don’t forget to put a few headache pills in your emergency kit. You may have to make use of them on more than one occasion. It is also wise, if you suffer from allergies, to pack some antihistamines – especially if you are tying the knot in spring or summer when pollen counts are high and incessant sneezing is a threat.

So there we have it, our Smart Bride’s Emergency Kit for brides who want to be prepared to face any eventuality. Try not to forget anything from it and enjoy your wedding knowing that you’re ready to face any situation head-on! Is there anything else you think is essential for your kit? Let us know!

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