Sizing Hacks to Find the Perfect Fit for Engagement Rings

Proposing is no easy feat, but finding the perfect ring that fits? Sometimes that's even harder! Read on to discover some clever tips on how to size your partner without letting her know what you're up to!

  • The proposal

Choosing the perfect engagement ring when proposing to your partner isn’t always easy. Besides choosing the right style that you know your partner will love, you also need to take size into consideration. You obviously want to surprise your partner with your proposal, so asking them outright for their finger measurement is awkward and too obvious. Here are some hacks to find out your partner’s exact ring size, and what to do afterwards if the ring still doesn’t fit.

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Check Out Her Other Rings

Take a look at your partner’s favorite rings when she’s in the shower or out of the house. Choose a ring that she wears on her ring finger to ensure your engagement ring will be a great fit. Now, use a printable ring size chart so you can place the ring on the circles to see which one it fits most closely. This will help you gauge the size the engagement ring should be.

Study Her Hands

If you can’t get to her rings or your partner doesn’t have one she wears on the ring finger, this is an easy method to suss out her ring size. When holding her hand or stroking it romantically, study the size of her finger in relation to yours. Is it larger than your pinkie finger or a little smaller? You could even hold your palm against your partner’s and playfully say, “Look how much smaller your fingers are to mine!” while studying the difference between your hands so that you will be able to explain her ring size to a jeweler.

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Oops, the Ring is Too Big!

Now if your nightmare comes true and despite your best efforts the ring is too large for your partner’s finger, don’t worry! Here are two clever hacks that will make it fit.

  • Purchase a ring snuggie. This is a great invention that’s basically a small piece of plastic that you clasp onto the ring to keep it in place on your finger and fill the gap if a ring is too big. If the snuggie makes your partner’s ring feel too tight, you can trim it to make it more comfortable.
  • Get sizing beads. Okay, you’ll need your jeweler for this one but it’s an easy procedure. The jeweler will take two metal beads and solder them onto the bottom of the ring. This basically fills the gap between the ring and the finger, making the ring sit securely.

Rings That Can’t Be Resized

Before purchasing a ring, bear in mind that there are certain rings that can’t be resized because this will ruin them. These include:

  • Stainless steel, titanium and tungsten rings. These rings are impossible to resize because of their material.
  • Eternity rings with gemstones or diamonds all around the band. Resizing these rings could damage the gemstones as well as the balance of the settings.
  • Ring bands made out of a material such as quartz or wood.
  • Rings that have invisible tension settings. Adjusting these rings can cause them to lose their flexibility and weaken them. It could also cause the central stones to lose their alignment.
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Having a ring resized can sometimes be done yourself, while other times it needs to be done by a jeweler. Bear in mind the above tips to get the size right the first time and know that if all else fails, there’s often a way around it.

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