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Shake the Shyness: a shy-bride's guide to getting on the dance floor

Beat your dance floor jitters with these top tips! Turn your fear into fantastic confidence!

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The big day’s almost here! For years you’ve dreamed about your wedding day, had it planned down to the T, and you were looking forward to everything…except the dance floor. Some of us brides are introverts and find being the center of attention really uncomfortable – not every future ‘Mrs’ is a disco queen, and dancing in-front of all one’s friends and family can be intimidating for a lot of people. But fear not! There’s lot of little things you can do to quell your anxiety and enjoy your first dance with the love of your life.

1. You choose the music

savePhoto: Davina + Daniel
Photo: Davina + Daniel

Choose a song that you both like – you know the one that comes on and you both start bobbing your head to? That one. If you find yourself skipping it on Spotify any time it comes on because you don’t like the lyrics, you’re never going to want to dance to it. If you’re worried about your favorite song being too difficult to move to, Google it’s time signature. Songs in 4-4 and 3-4 time are the easiest to dance to and most popular music follows these two timings! Romantic classics like “Fly Me to the Moon” by Sinatra, “Wonderwall” by Oasis and “Your Song” by Elton John are all in 4-4 time.

2. Keep it simple

savePhoto: Díez y Bordons
Photo: Díez y Bordons

Unless you’re a professional dancer, don’t put pressure on yourselves to learn complicated choreography for your first dance together! It’s about the moment of two people in love starting their life together symbolically; not about creating a photo-op for a vine video. Still, if dancing is something you like to do together, it might not be a bad idea!

3. Take a few lessons before the big day

savePhoto: Gávila Photography
Photo: Gávila Fotografía

If you would like to do a more choreographed dance, many ballroom dance studios and private instructors offer taster courses that are geared towards couples preparing for exactly this occasion. They’ll often offer private lessons, which means you can relax, as they can give you their undivided attention. The steps for the classic wedding Waltz and Foxtrot are easy to learn and make for a very elegant first dance, so it’s well worth your time to learn them!

4. Dim the lights

savePhoto Credit: Nicolas Chauveau
Photo: Nicolas Chauveau

Turning down the lights will create a more relaxing, romantic ambiance, and you won’t feel like the spotlight and all eyes are on you (even though they are), which will help you and your groom to feel more comfortable. It will also set the scene for your guests, who’ll be so captivated by the pretty sight that they’ll want to jump up and dance soon after!

5. Invite your guests to join you

savePhoto Credit: Norma Grau
Photo: Norma Grau

And this is the perfect time to invited everyone to be a part of your wedding. If you don’t want to miss out on your first dance but dread being the center of attention, invite your friends and family to join you after the first minute or so.

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