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Secure Wedding Inception Day Memories? Tips And Artistry

Read here how you can save the most beautiful and special memories of your unforgettable wedding day!

Secure Wedding Inception Day Memories? Tips And Artistry
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The wedding day is one of the most important events of a person’s life. It is a day that a person makes the promises of forever to the one they love and vice versa. However, memories, especially happy memories, fade. No one wants to forget their wedding day. They want to remember every little detail, every smile, and every single trinket. However, it is impossible to remember everything or in many cases, most of it.


In order to retain more memories, people collect mementos. According to a study by Christof Kuhbandner and Fabian Hutmacher, objects bring back memories. Therefore, it is a great idea to have mementos and keepsakes from your big day, but with a few artistic tweaks.

In some cases, it is impossible to keep souvenirs from the original pieces like you can’t save the cake. However, you can save the cake topper by doing a little DIY. Add a base to turn it into a decoration item that you can keep on the mantel or display in your home.

Tips To Capture The Memories

Save your wedding day memories through a little artistry, so they can last a lifetime and more, just like your love. Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you conserve your wedding keepsakes.

Commission Painting

Wedding photography is a definite part of the big day because every couple wants to capture the most important day of their lives. However, instead of the mainstream framed portraits, you can commission a portrait painted. The best part is that you don’t have to stand in your wedding outfits for the artist to paint your likeness. You can easily find artists who will create a painting out of your wedding portrait.

Custom Jewellery Made Out Of The Dress

Instead of leaving your wedding dress at the back of the closet to collect dust, you can turn it into a necklace or pendant. There is a lot that can be done with the wedding dress. You can wear it every day for the rest of your days through different accessories. Making wedding dress jewelry is an excellent idea for any bride who fell in love with the dress and doesn’t want to lose it.

Frame the mementos

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Framing allows a person a lot of room to experiment. There are so many things that are a part of the wedding that can be framed. Wedding napkins, wedding invitations, and wedding dress framing are all of the things that can be done.

Tweak The Dress

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Do you remember the scene from ‘27 Dresses’ where two brides tell Katherine Heigl that “And the best thing is you can shorten it and wear it again” about the bridesmaid dresses? You can use this advice for your wedding dress too and do so much more. Tweaking the dress can include adding some elements and removing others, changing then style, reducing the length, changing the color and neckline.  You can turn your wedding dress into a cocktail one for your anniversary or any special occasion.

“My wedding dress was hung at the back of my closet for 9 years before I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to tweak my wedding dress a bit, just in time to wear it on your 10th anniversary. Wearing it brought back so many memories to both my husband and I.” – Linda Mason [Editor, Australian Master]

Make Ornaments Out Of The Bouquet

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Christmas is a momentous family occasion, which would be incomplete without something to commemorate the inception of your new family – your wedding. Embark on this small DIY project. Preserve the flowers in your bouquet with silica gel and put the tiny flowers and flower petals in a clear glass ornament with a removable top. You can then string a ribbon through the holder. Viola! Your perfect tree decoration is ready.

Replica of your cake

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A cake that won’t go bad is too good to be true. There are dozens of Etsy stores, artists, and businesses who can create a Christmas ornament or decoration piece that is the replica of your wedding cake.

“I got an ornament made of our wedding cake that now hangs every year on our tree at Christmas reminding us of our wedding day. That certainly doubles the love on the holiday.” – Jamie Cox

Preserve The Bouquet

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There are so many ways you can preserve your wedding bouquet if you don’t want the air-dried withered look. Here are a few options:

  • Lacquer them
  • Get them air freezes (only possible for particular flowers)
  • Dry them with silica gel
  • Preserve them with epoxy resin

Frame The Invitation

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Framing the wedding invitation is one of the conventional artistry ideas. There are a number of local framing businesses that can show you excellent framing options for the invite to your big day.

Keep A Shadow Box

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Shadow boxes are a great way to keep mementos, be it the wedding bouquet, napkin, or dress.

“All my wedding memories are safe in a shadow box that now has a place of honor that I shared with my husband. It is like a time machine that transports me to the happy day with my husband who passed away two years ago in a car accident.” – Sandra Smith [Receptionist at Premium Jacket]

Print The Wedding Vows On A Tapestry

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Get your wedding vows printed on a tapestry so you can go through them whenever the mood strikes you. After all, everyone needs a refresher course in their promises.

Repurpose The Dress Into A Purse

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Converting the dress into a dress is one thing. However, turning it into an accessory is a completely another. You can turn your cloth into a purse, clutch or handbag. After all, a satchel or tote is too casual to be made out of such an important

Display The Jewelry

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Your sparkly wedding jewelry and bejeweled hair accessories can be put on display in a clear glass box.

Custom-made Music Box

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There are a number of online businesses and retailers on Etsy who offer custom made music boxes. You can get a music box made with miniatures of the bride and groom and can get the song from the first dance added to it.

“My grandparents 50th anniversary is around the corner so I ordered a music box which I know they will love. It will have the song from their first dance in it.” – Olivia White [Student]

Wedding Snow Globes Or Snow Domes

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Start a new holiday tradition. Get a snowglobe or snow dome made to commemorate your big day. And each year, add a globe to showcase an important event or happening to form a collection. Even if you don’t want scores of globes in your home, you can always have one that shows your big day.

Wedding Guest Book

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This is perhaps the most mainstream idea in the list. The wedding book will allow guests to write small messages and wishes for the happy couple.

Terranium Or Diorama Of The Altar

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You can go big with the mementos of your wedding. If you have space, then commission a terranium or diorama made of the altar. It can be big or small, which you can keep in your home office or a display case.

Follow these tips and ideas to safeguard your memories with artistry. Mementos and keepsakes will help you keep those memories close to your heart even in the toughest of times to remind you of the happiest day of your life as a couple. Don’t let your happy memories fade when you have the option to preserve them.

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Claudia Jeffrey is a romantic lady and mother of two, who has been living with her partner for 12 years now. She is working as the Assistant Manager For Research & Development at King Essay and is on the way to becoming a published author.

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