Second Time Around – Wedding Styling For The Mature Bride

Whether your getting remarried or married for the first time being a mature bride means your wedding planning experience is going to be a little different than the slightly younger bride. However finding your soulmate later in life doesn’t mean your big day is any less significant. With that in mind lets jump into some tips to help you plan your best wedding yet.

Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
  1. First of all when it comes to make up you want to stay away from heavy foundation and air brushing. Heavy foundation will more easily show signs of aging while air brushing accentuates fine lines and can often give you that “barbie doll” type look. The older bride wants to keep her make up light and natural. Creams to powers are going to be your best bet as they tend to photograph the better. Picking the right shade of lipstick is going to be very important as well. Again try and pick something subtle. You generally want to stay away from deep reds as they tend to bleed. One flourish you will want to take with your look is false eye lashes. These are a must for all brides no matter the age. False eye lashes are going to help accentuate your eyes and add a fullness to your lashes while creating a more youthful appearance by lifting the eyelid in all the right places.

    Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
    Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
  2. When it comes to hair you definitely want a hairstyle that falls in line with your wedding theme but remember to keep the majority of your hair away from your face. Updos like chignons, buns, and crown braids are going to be the ideal option when selecting your wedding day do. The older bride tends to not wear a veil but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put a headpiece in your hair. Flowers and lace combs are two options that are very in style right now. You just want to make sure that whatever you adding doesn’t distract everyone from your beautiful face and dress.

    Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
    Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
  3. Last but not least is the wedding gown. Being of age means you will want to choose a dress that flatters your bodies best features and hides some the ones your not crazy about. With that in mind you will most likely want to stay away from low necklines as they tend to reveal too much cleavage. If you aren’t in love with your arms like a lot of women of any age a wedding jacket/shawl can be an amazing option for you. It looks extremely elegant while hiding some of your less loved features. When it comes to color of your perfect dress don’t think just because your a bit more worldly means you can’t wear white. Interestingly enough most wedding dresses don’t actually come in pure white, which is great because it will wash out all but the darkest of skin tones. Looking for shades of white like “ivory” tend to be universally kind to all. My final tip for picking the perfect gown is to not be afraid of buy your gown online. With second hand gowns being more popular than ever there are deals to be had on the internet.
Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions
Credits: Kristen Jensen Productions

However that doesn’t mean that you should not be wary. You want to make sure wherever you purchase a dress that you can return it if arrives and is different than the photos or you just don’t love it. Always read reviews of sellers and sites that you are using.

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Edith Sizemore
June 16, 2016

The bride is looking stunning! I am getting married next month and I am also in my late 30s, I plan to keep my makeup simple and natural and I will be using my I conceal foundation(https://www.imageskincare.com/products/flawless-foundation) and some makeup for my eyes. and nothing much!


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