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Romance and Drama With Maggie Sottero's 2018 Fall/Winter Collection

Maggie Sottero's Lucienne Collection is a treasure trove for beautiful dresses, with a focus on tulle and embroidery that makes the whole collection look as if it has been lifted from a fairytale. Check out our exclusive look now!

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Maggie Sottero makes dress designing look easy. Releasing fabulous new collections for every season, the brand never fails to leave us with our jaws dropped in awe, and the Lucienne Collection for Fall/Winter 2018 is no exception to the norm. With an unparalleled attention to detail, and an unrivalled flair for embellishments, the Lucienne collection showcases the very best that Maggie Sottero has to offer, unveiling a magical set of dresses that are decadent and luxurious, without losing the delicate femininity inherent to the brand. No addition is too much – sequins, beading and appliqués are incorporated in large amounts and with great skill, in a collection that is romantic and charismatic all at once. Don’t miss out on seeing the exclusive selection from one of our favourite new releases for 2018…

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Annabella Marie. Credits: Maggie Sottero

Emulating a more traditional style, the A-line Annabella Marie dress is an exercise in subtlety for Maggie Sottero, whilst renouncing none of the characteristic features of this Fall collection. The layering of tulle and Tuscan organza in the skirt and incorporated train creates a princess-like effect, making the gown perfect for the romantic bride on her wedding day. 

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Brinkley. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

Bringing drama in a huge swathe of tulle, the Brinkley dress is one of the standout gowns of this selection. The rich embellishment of the bodice of this fit-and-flare gown echoes the subtle Baroque influence intertwined with the collection, and the bejewelled cold-shoulder sleeves add a touch of glamour. With its fitted shape and low-cut neckline, Brinkley is perfect for the bride looking to make a statement.

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Caroline. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

This A-line dress is a great combination of boho and classic, with heavy allover lace features and a touch of glitz and glamour in the detachable diamond belt. The V-neck neckline and low scoop back are very youthful additions to the collection, and any bride in the Caroline gown is sure to glow. 

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Claudia. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

In a step away from the heavy lace embroidery present in many other gowns in this collection, Claudia is a sleek A-line Aldora crepe gown for the sophisticated modern bride. The longer train is reminiscent of the traditional bridal style, but the gown is made contemporary by the cold shoulders – a teasing, playful feature – and the accompaniment of the diamante belt.

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Della Marie. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

The Della Marie gown strikes the right balance between modesty and sensuality. The large amount of lace appliqués and the waterfall of tulle in the flowing skirt are immensely romantic touches, complementing the higher neckline and quarter-length sleeves. The fit-and-flare construction hugs the figure, accentuating the waist and elongating the figure, creating an illusion of height. 

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Gwendolyn. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

The Gwendolyn gown is the most intricately embroidered and embellished dress by Maggie Sottero for this season. With luxurious lace motifs, heavy beading, and rich layers of tulle, this dress is simply stunning, and is sure to leave an impression! The lace-trim veil only contributes the beauty of the look, which is the epitome of 21st century bridal fashion.

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Hailey Lynette. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

The dot netting and tulle in the Hailey Lynette gown create a slightly alternative look. The prevailing lace motifs unify it with the rest of the collection, but the long bell-cuffed sleeves and high neckline create an almost gothic feel. In another more modestly-styled gown, Maggie Sottero caters for the unassuming bride, but still makes her beautiful.

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Lucienne Marie. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

The Lucienne Marie dress is slightly more bohemian, with its delicate translucent tank sleeves and the the seamless blend of the dot tulle with the intricate lace overlay. However, this gown really dazzles as a result of its double train, an incredibly stylish feature that emphasises its elegance and character. 

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Stephanie. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

We at Zankyou just love the Stephanie dress with its visible clash of lace and tulle. The dress is available without the tulle overlay, but we think its addition creates a more unique bridal look that is closer to fairytale than the catwalk. This fairytale theme is emphasised by the off-the-shoulder cap sleeves and sweetheart neckline, and the ballgown-feel created by the tulle train.

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Tuscany Lynette. Credits: Maggie Sottero.

With a daring plunge neckline, and a chic A-line construction, the Tuscany Lynette dress is undeniably sexy. The allover lace creates a sensual pearlescent effect, which is further emphasised by the long chapel train and spaghetti straps. This is the ideal gown for a bride hosting a lavish and opulent wedding.

In the Lucienne Collection, Maggie Sottero aims to, and suceeds in creating a set of dresses that are both modern and intensely romantic. The prevailing lace motifs and heavy embellishments are sensual, sexy and sophisticated, but there are also more modest styles and features available for brides with distinguishing tastes. Whichever way inclined, any bride who chooses a dress from this collection will feel like she has stepped out of a fairytale, with gowns perfect for any venue and theme – from outdoor, garden ceremonies to big country manor houses. Check out the collection in its entirety here

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