Puerto Rico: A Hidden Treasure for Your Honeymoon

The Caribbean, like the Aztec treasures, is a large chest with innumerable secrets, many of them still unknown for most travellers. Puerto Rico shines like a jewel in sea but its brightness has unfortunately escaped many tourists. With Catai, you will stay in the best hotels and discover much of the attraction of Puerto Rico during your honeymoon.

One of the great virtues of Puerto Rico is, besides Spanish and English being its official languages, its extraordinary and extensive catalogue of activities and sights applauded by any couple who choose this destination for their honeymoon. Although water sports are excellent options to fill your time with, its cultural offerings are very varied and include an exciting journey to the deepest of Puerto Rican and Spanish history.

Beach and Marine Diversity

Puerto Rico is an island with everything you need to enjoy an exotic and relaxing honeymoon. Its 500 km of coastline boasts more than 100 beaches that look just like they do on the postcards. If you have the curiosity and desire to explore (and ability to swim), take the opportunity to cross the deep sea in search of multicolored flora and fauna – authentic examples of the capabilities of our wonderful planet. Surfing, kite boarding, sailing or kayaking are other aquatic and adventurous activities that are available in this extraordinary location, where white sand and warm, crystalline water (27 degrees on average) create the perfect setting to get carried away into the deepest state of relaxation. With Catai this is all possible!

Vieques and La Culebra are the best gifts to enjoy a satisfying life on the coast. At SunBay Beach, the scenery blends the excellent emerald water with abundant outdoor vegetation, a myriad of tropical species at the bottom of the clear, blue sea. For more privacy there are the beaches Media Luna and Navío, although the true turquoise magic lies in Caracas (Red Beach) and La Chiva Bay (Blue Beach). However, the high point of all the marine life is Mosquito Bay at nightfall – home to one of the largest exhibitions offered by nature. The bay is described as ‘bioluminescent’ because of the connection between its aquatic organisms and the moonless nights: a luminous surface that is both natural and beautiful, visually radioactive, almost in a science fiction kind of way.

Variety in San Juan

Famous for Old San Juan, a historic district and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Puerto Rican capital is the oldest in America and a source of indigenous history, beginning with its 500-year-old wall. The protected territory has churches from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, such as the Cathedral of St. John, one of the oldest Christian temples in the hemisphere. The purest historical section mixes its phenomenal architecture of churches and forts (El Morro and La Fortaleza) with colonial buildings and restored residences – buildings for the ordinary citizen who still survive thanks to the Puerto Rican culture.

Catai bases a good part of its services in San Juan, where all the atmospheres converge to make a complete and spectacular honeymoon. While dedicated to the preservation of its artistic heritage, based on galleries and museums (Pablo Casals) with great samples of Puerto Rican and Spanish culture, the capital also highlights its bustling nightlife – very typical of the Caribbean countries. Very close to the city, villages of all kinds await you, each one of them picturesque and charming.

Parties and Tropical Nature

One of the most authentic points of Puerto Rico is in the famous Fajardo. Feel like laying in the sun with a pineapple cocktail in your hand? With Catai in the beach of Balneario La Montserrate (Luquillo) it’s very possible. Here you will feel the music emanating from its typical kiosks and feel the Caribbean vibe flowing into your bones. We dare you to sit still for 5 minutes!

If you are looking for closer ties with nature, investigate the natural landscape that serves as habitat for the Lighthouse of Las Cabezas de San Juan. If, on the other hand, you have not had enough maritime fun to satisfy you, the beaches on the east side (from Fajardo to Humacao) have cays and islets full of reefs for you to explore snorkeling or diving.

Discovering the Caribbean is a joy to be had by very few, even more so if the destination in question remains hidden from the typical tourist. With Catai you can expect a championship honeymoon, with Puerto Rico as first prize. It’s up to you!

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