Pretty Piñatas for a perfect wedding

Looking for an original element for your wedding decoration that's beautiful and fun? What about a custom-made piñata to match your color scheme and aesthetic? We've got some inspirational images for you here...

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saveAmanda Thomsen via Etsy
Amanda Thomsen via Etsy

Thanks to the international influence of Mexican culture, the word ‘piñata’ is familiar to many of us, especially in children’s parties. But piñatas are not just kids’ play nowadays. We have some great ideas for you for featuring a piñata in your wedding day decoration.

saveImage: Your Memorable Event
Image: Your Memorable Event

The piñata is originally said to come from China, but the tradition travelled to the Americas via Europe, after reaching the Old Continent with Marco Polo. However, these looks here are anything but traditional.

saveImage: My Candy Castle
Image: My Candy Castle

With the basic wire structure and a papier maché covering in place, you can then do what you like with the decoration! So, for weddings we love whites, metallics and on-trend  colors. Or what about a wedding-cake-shaped piñata? Fun!

saveImage: Whack Pinateria
Image: Whack Pinateria
saveImage: Party Pony Pinata
Image: Party Pony Pinata

With wedding piñatas, your audience is varied, with children and adults alike. So we suggest you have two – one with sweets and toys for your younger guests and another with gifts more suitable for your adult guests. For the adults’ piñata, we like truffles, lottery tickets, masks or even mini bottles of champagne or cava (in plastic, of course, so that they don’t break when they crash to the floor!).

saveImage: Prospect Goods
Image: Prospect Goods

Or what about fortune cookies? Or we love the idea of putting confetti or rice into the piñata – a nice surprise for your guests, who think you two are the only ones getting covered during the wedding day!

saveImage: Sweet Little Photographs
Image: Sweet Little Photographs

And don’t forget! If you’re thinking of a piñata for your wedding, do check with your venue that they’re ok with this. You can always smash it outdoors if indoors is a no-no!

saveImage: Party Pony Pinata
Image: Party Pony Pinata

What kind of piñata would you have for your wedding?

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