Pretty Pearl Engagement Rings: A Symbol of Harmony & Perfection

Pearl and Diamond Engagement Ring Featured at The Amazing Jewelry

Not quite the diamond engagement ring type? Pearl engagement rings are a gorgeous alternative.

Symbolizing harmony, purity and loyalty; the pearl perfectly represents love and marriage. As the oldest known gem, the pearl has long been a symbol of unblemished perfection. The Latin word for pearl literally means “unique,” attesting to the fact that no two pearls are identical. With choices from elegant, artisan and cluster settings, there’s a pearl engagement ring style for every bride.

How do you select a good quality pearl? The experts at The Amazing Jewelry suggest you look for uniform pearl gleam, watch for any cracks or blemishes and even ask your jeweler to provide x-rays of cultured pearls to verify value and authenticity.

Round Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Ring from Angara
Pearl Engagement Rings from Heavenly Treasures

Classic and Elegant Designs: There are many pearl engagement rings in classic and elegant designs to choose from. The diamond bejeweled band of the Akoya cultured pearl ring from Angara symbolize the circle of eternal love with elegant simplicity.

The pretty classic style pearl rings at Heavenly Treasures include one with a big Mabe pearl and diamond circle border (top left above) that would impress even the most die-hard diamond ring traditionalists.

Handmade Pearl Flower Ring from Lilia Nash Jewelry
Snow White Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Flat Coin Pearl from artisanimpact on Etsy
Nested Pearl Engagement Ring Set from Turtle Love Co
Chunky Button Pearl Ring from Miriam Haskell

Handmade and Artisan Rings: For more unique settings, consider buying from or commissioning an artisan designer for a special pearl engagement ring. How about a pearl-as-flower look like the handmade ring from Lilia Nash?

The gorgeous gold and flat coin freshwater pearl ring from artisanimpact on Etsy has an almost regal air about it. We love how the nested pearl engagement ring from Turtle Love Co. looks great with its matching wedding band.

For brides who want a non-traditional engagement ring with a big presence, we recommend the sumptuous chunky button pearl ring from Miram Haskell with baroque glass pearl (man-made) and European filigree. The bride who loves this style of ring might wear a big and bold necklace on her wedding day.

Pearl Engagement Rings from Shecy Pearls

Colored Pearls: Love colored pearls but not sure which one to choose? Where white pearls represent purity, gold and black pearls symbolize prosperity. The black cultured Tahitian pearl has a blue-green luster, like this one from Shecy Pearls (middle of collage) set in 18k white gold. A black or gold pearl in a simple setting might pair beautifully with a unique wedding band design.

Pearl Cluster and Diamond Ring from Gracious Rose
Vintage Cultured Pearl Cluster Ring With Diamonds In 18k White Gold from Ross-Simons Jewelry

Pearl Cluster Rings: If one pretty pearl just isn’t enough, choose an engagement ring with a cluster of them! Pearl clusters can add character to a more traditional diamond ring, like the divine gold ring above from Gracious Rose. Or go colored-pearl crazy with a bold design like the vintage cultured pearl cluster ring from Ross-Simons Jewelry.

Would you choose a pearl engagement ring? Which setting is your favorite? Please tell us in the comment section below!

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