Label´Emotion on the Benefits of the Post-Wedding Lunch

Who thinks weddings should last more than a day? Perhaps not week-long affairs like in India, but how about a nice post-wedding lunch?

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This is it, you are finally Mr and Mrs and the most important day of your life, the one you spent a year to plan and organize with so much love, is (sadly) behind you. But worry not, it´s not all over! If you´re not leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, why not host a Post-Wedding Lunch? You´ll stave off the post-wedding depression and it´s a great way to relive your big day!

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According to wedding planner Aude, from Label’ Emotion London, hosting a Post-Wedding Lunch is one of the best things you can do. What is the post-wedding lunch, you may ask? Usually held on Sundays, the post-wedding lunch or brunch is a casual get together that follows the big bash (aka wedding ceremony and the reception). Who sets it up? Usually the bride and groom – it´s a more intimate extension of the wedding. Who pays? Usually the bride and groom’s family, seeing as the lunch is usually attended by mostly family, but it´s not traditional. If the couple can afford to invite their guests and family to a Sunday Lunch, it can be a great way to give back to your family and another more intimate opportunity to thank everyone for coming and sharing this special moment with you.

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The Post-Wedding Lunch is also a great chance to talk to your most intimate guests at length – because let´s face it, on your big day there are so many things to do, so many people to greet and thank, that you end up not really having that much time to party with your most intimate guests. It´s also a great chance to recap the highlights of your wedding and talk about what happened: the emotional moments, the moments you missed (because you can’t be everywhere at once), your friend’s feelings and point of views about the wedding, the gossips of course, whether your cousin finally kissed the girl he’s in love with for 10 years, who nabbed the hottest guy of the wedding (beside your man of course), and so much more.

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Also, if your wedding was a success, you´ll probably be rolling into your post-wedding lunch not a little bit hungover.  Label’ Emotion’s Tips: offer a Hangover Kit for each of your guests when they arrive. The hangover kit is a useful and much appreciated trendy wedding favor these days.

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Remember, keep it simple, this is about you reconnecting with your most important guests: your close friends and family. Be eco friendly and reuse the decoration and flowers. The food doesn´t have to be fussy either –  did you want to order a Food Tuck for your wedding but there were too many people? Well, the post-wedding lunch is the perfect occasion for one!

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For help planning and sourcing the right suppliers for your wedding (and post wedding) contact Aude, your Label’Emotion London wedding planner.

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