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With the nights drawing in, tans fading, and holiday cards appearing on the shelves (seemingly all in the blink of an eye), it is finally time to wave goodbye to a long, balmy summer, and embrace the fact that winter is well and truly on its way. And with its advent, we’re beginning to get excited about weddings which use the season as a central source of inspiration.

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Of course, a wedding at any time of the year is a magical affair, but winter lends that extra touch of enchantment to proceedings, with the opportunity for twinkling lights, crackling fires, and – if you’re lucky – a dusting of snow.

The chance to create your very own winter wonderland for your guests is not the only reason to opt for a seasonal wedding. In general, weddings over this period tend to be cheaper, since they fall outside peak wedding season (although you may need to bear in mind how difficult booking an in-demand venue or services can be for dates close to Christmas and New Year’s Eve). That said, a Christmas-themed wedding can end up being all the more charming. Simple touches such as holly and ivy centrepieces, mistletoe incorporated into bouquets, or personalised bauble favours serve as a subtle nod to the holiday, without appearing contrived or tacky.

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You can achieve an equally understated winter aesthetic through your choice of colour: palettes featuring pale blues, whites, and silvers, occasionally peppered with glitter and sparkle, are most effective. Complement soft tones with splashes of deep jewel colours, such as plum or burgundy. Emerald green may fit nicely with the festive feel, but beware, those prone to superstition; it is a traditionally unlucky colour when associated with weddings! Twinkling lights are essential to the theme, and are even more bewitching when incorporated into shrubbery to create a veritable fairy-tale winter grotto.

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Of course, many people are put off tying the knot in the winter months by the lack of sun and fine weather, but if you can come to embrace the chilly temperatures (and occasional flurry of snow), the winter weather can help your theme go even further. Many couples choose to host fireworks displays, have photographs taken, or even conduct their ceremony outside, giving them the perfect opportunity to rent faux-fur stoles or cloaks for their guests, and adding a touch of Gatsby glamour to proceedings. Make your female guests completely at ease with navigating potentially hazardous terrain in heels by providing them each with a pair of HeelBuddies, an accessory which will ensure nobody will resent you for embracing the elements and making the most of the fresh winter air. Erect a charming marquee, complete with wood burning braziers, for a cosy and convivial atmosphere in which guests can mingle after.

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Your theme can even extend to your choice of refreshments. Opt for mulled wine instead of a glass of champagne, or hot spiced apple juice as a soft alternative. Equally, a warming bowl of rustic soup or stew can serve as a welcome change to canapés and a cold buffet.

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Winter allows a couple planning their wedding to let their creative juices flow, and to create a truly memorable event for everybody involved. We’re crazy about them, and can’t wait to see what the coming season has to offer!


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