Packing to For Your Destination Wedding: The 5 Situations to Prepare For

Destination Weddings can actually be a lot easier than having your wedding at home, but that's if you know what to pack. We have thought of 5 possible situations that could arise on the big day, and what to pack to prepare for them! With this list, everything can run swimmingly in your paradise destination.

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Destination Weddings are often a breath of fresh air: a change in scenery, a better climate, and generally a more relaxing, happy atmosphere.

However, the change in climate can sometimes bring unwanted problems… sticky clothes, sunblushed skin, awful hangovers. Or just the general change in location can make it difficult to think of everything you need to pack. So Zankyou has compiled a list of things not to forget, in order to be prepared for any situation that may arise!

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If you are getting married abroad, you probably won’t forget to pack your dress, shoes, wedding favours etc. But here are some possible situations to think about:

1. When those killer heels are killing your feet…

All ladies do it. We all put beauty before comfort when it comes to dressing our feet with the most gorgeous heels possible, for a special event, that is. And what could be more special than this upcoming exotic wedding?

We all, however, regret our shoe choice towards the end of the night. How are we expected to look great wearing killer heels and still dance the night away? It’s a dilemma that any bride or guest has to think about at weddings, and the terrain at destination weddings often makes this even harder. That’s why, come grass, sand, gravel or cobbles, you will never be unprepared with your HeelBuddies.

saveHeelBuddiesLearn more about “HeelBuddies”

HeelBuddies are protectors that are added to the bottom of heel, providing a wider and more stable support base to your stride. Never feel the dread of your heel slowly sinking into the grass again – HeelBuddies are a small but mighty tool to increase your confidence and your comfort, without compromising style!


As wedding favors for your female guests and bridesmaids, consider giving them each a pair of HeelBuddies or personalized flip flops!

2. When the sun leaves its mark…

The reason behind most destination weddings is that the bridal couple fancy something a bit more exotic, with reliable and beautiful weather. However, if you are planning to relax in the sun in the days leading up to the big day, make sure you don’t forget the essentials.

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Even if your skin is less susceptible to burning… suncream, suncream and suncream again! Why would you risk looking burnt on your special day? This is the one day you will remember forever, so make sure you look and feel a dazzingly radiant shade of you, not of pink.

Furthermore, bikini strap marks left from sunbathing look pretty bad if you are planning to wear a v-neck or sweetheart neckline. So make sure you pack a strapless bikini if you are planning to swim or lie in the sun.

3. When you get a wardrobe malfunction…

Every bride and guest fears a wardrobe malfunction, and when you are further from home, your ability to rectify a lost button or broken clasp becomes even more complicated. You should therefore never leave your house or hotel without a travel sewing kit. These are relatively cheap to buy in most travel stores, and they have everything you need to amend a little rip or snag.

savePhoto: Blaskor via Shutterstock
Photo: Blaskor via Shutterstock

As well as this, be sure to pack a travel iron, as you never know how well your outfit will survive the flight and baggage handling.

4. When you need to rely on technology…

If you don’t quite trust that your destination wedding DJ will play all the classics that you are used to at home, then put them all on your iPod and bring them with you! Just because you are travelling thousands of miles for the most amazing wedding abroad, doesn’t mean you can’t bring your favorite party tunes with you!

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At such a busy time for you, your phone will constantly be in use. You may receive calls from your wedding planner, your family, your guests, and no doubt many messages from well-wishers. So, to keep both your phone and your ipod up to full speed, its definitely worth packing a portable phone charger. Faffing with phone chargers and plug sockets can be hard at the best of times, especially when you have a million-and-one other things to do. So you won’t regret investing in a portable charger.

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Destination Wedding photographers can really capture the breathtaking views and beautiful moments, but nothing beats a selfie. The longer your selfie stick, the more loved ones you can fit in one picture!

5. When the hangover hits…

There is something about being abroad that makes you more susceptible to hangovers. Maybe its the exciting cocktails, the sea air, the celebratory atmosphere, or the pressing heat.

savePhoto: Shutterstock via Triocean
Photo: Triocean

Therefore, don’t forget paracetamol. No one wants to spend their first day of being Mr and Mrs with a banging headache, so nip it in the bud with some painkillers as soon as you wake up.

That being said, often the heat of the day can make a headache worse, we recommend a handheld fan. They are easy to pack, and so worth it. Maybe, invest in an intricately designed bridal fan, it will cool you both during the ceremony and the morning after.

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So, your destination wedding is set to be amazing. You have packed the all-important dress, your required documents (birth certificates, visa, passports and vows), and now all that’s left is to use this list to pack the rest of those absolute essentials. These items maybe small and simple, but they will prepare you for the worst!

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