Our Favorite Wedding Cake Trends for 2016

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There are so many beautiful wedding cake designs out there that it’s so hard to choose just one. But don’t worry, the event planners and wedding stylists at Label’Emotion London who job it is to not just stay abreast of what’s trending but also discern what’s just a fad and what will truly be memorable, are here to help. Planning weddings is their specialty and helping couples choose a striking wedding cake is just one of their many fortes. For the next year, Label’Emotion London has pinpointed the hottest wedding cake trends as well as the best looking ones.

Metallic Cakes

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When you think about metallic wedding cakes you might imagine a gold or silver vintage style which can be the case if your wedding theme is vintage, but gold and silver details and filigree can also have a glamorous, art-deco or old-Hollywood look. The most interesting thing about metallic cakes is that they can adapt to any style and it is what make them trendy. If an entire tier is too much glitz for you, consider adding a little sparkle all over.

Naked Cakes

naked cake wedding planner label' emotion london

This cake was already very trendy in 2015, but it’s set to continue to be a big trend for 2016. What is a naked cake? Basically it’s a wedding cake without frosting or icing. But you can add some fruits or leaves to make it look fresher. For a Summertime wedding, berries work well, in Winter and Fall ask your baker to fill the layers with seasonal fruits like apples, pears, persimmons or even blood oranges.

White on White

white on white wedding cake

The fresh new way to do a white wedding cake is to add interesting all-white embellishments. Dress up tiers with details, like piped embroidery, petals, pearls, sugar roses. Nontraditional shaped tiers, like hexagons and ovals, make the cake a little more out of the ordinary.

Macaroon Cakes

macaroon wedding cake - Label'Emotion London wedding planner London

If you are a macaroon lover the macaroon wedding cake has been made for you! It is fresh, colored, and you really can let your creativity speak for you with this kind of cake. Every tiers can be made of different colors, you can make a color scale or a rainbow many option are possible.

Woodland Cakes

woodland wedding cake wedding planner london Label'Emotion

The “rustic” theme was strong this year and will definitely carry on into 2016. That being the case, the woodland wedding cake is a guaranteed favorite. Usually white, the cakes are decorated with leaves and flowers as they sit on a tree trunk base surrounded by moss. This look really does suit rustic weddings, which is why the cake is such a hit.

Flower Power Cakes

rosette wedding cake - Label'Emotion London wedding planner London

ruffle cake

Among the flowered cakes there are two which are really popular the flower sugar bouquet and the Rosette – rosettes are seriously trending as they are the combination of another trend, the “ruffled style.” The daring design of a cake covered in edible roses looks impeccably delicate, elegant and romantic. The flower bouquet works best on a muted cake base color, like ivory, peach or mint. Finish off the tiers with a gold or silver metallic trim, or even a beveled lace treatment, for a look that’s simple, sophisticated and classic.

Personalized Cake

More and more brides and grooms want to write a part of their love story on their cake. They choose a really simple cake where they choose an important detail that represents their couple. It’s a good way to customize a cake and to make it personal, and can be easily achieved. Did he propose in a pine forest? Include some pine cones. Customize your cake toppers to look like you. If you and your groom have a particularly romantic engagement story, this can be reflected on your wedding cake, too.

We hope you will be more inspired now! But if you are still confused or you think you won’t have enough time to find a good caterer or a pastry chef don’t panic! Label’Emotion London can not only manage your budget, coordinate your D Day, and decorate your venue, but also help find the perfect suppliers for you. Label’Emotion London can give you professional tips and advice to help you choose the perfect wedding cake that suits your personality and theme, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

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