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New York City Boutiques: Where to find our Favorite Bridal Designers

The complete guide to finding your perfect wedding dress in NYC. Ten renowned designers, ten amazing bridal boutiques. Find our favourite international bridal designers all over the city of bridal dreams.

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It’s the fashion capital of the USA and home to a range of amazing wedding dress boutiques. Yes, New York is the city of bridal dreams. This iconic city is where most designers aim to feature their work: The New York Bridal Fashion Week alone is renowned globally for being responsible for dictating bridal trends. You can be sure that you’ll be spoiled for choice when choosing your dress here.

Inbal Dror
Inbal Dror

However, finding the designer that most suits your style can be hard among such a selection of popular bridal boutiques in NYC, that’s why we have compiled a list of our favourite designers and where to find them in New York’s top boutiques:

Designer: Rosa Clará

A brand that has gained worldwide prestige in just 21 years. We love the renowned Rosa Clará for such elegant and modern designs.

Rosa Clará.Learn more about “Rosa Clará.”
56. Necora, Rosa Clará.

For 2017 Rosa Clará gowns, think delicate and light fabrics creating languid and fluid silhouettes, and other dresses with structured, voluminous skirts. Most of the gowns from the 3 lines, Rosa Clará, Rosa Clará Soft and Rosa Clará Two, have either a boatneck or off the shoulder necklines.

Where: Designer Loft

Designer Loft NYC stocks all three Rosa Clará lines, seeing them as the perfect blend between high style and tradition. At this boutique, you will no doubt be welcomed by their dedicated team of professional stylists, who take care of all the important details, and understand that a dress must be tailored specifically to your tastes, shape and style.

With a selection of 15 designers to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice, and their passion for Rosa Clará’s stunning gowns, means that they will be proud to talk you through them. Here, you will find the dress of your dreams.

Designer Loft, Rosa ClaraLearn more about “Designer Loft, Rosa Clara”
Designer Loft, Rosa Clara

Designer: Maggie Sottero

Think lightweight fabric, glistening embellishments and much sought after designs. We love all that Maggie Sottero has contributed to the global bridal industry since 1997.

Maggie SotteroLearn more about “Maggie Sottero”
Maggie Sottero

Maggie Sottero’s redefinition of bridal glamour and couture includes an incomparable understanding of the female figure. It is a label that recognises that every bride is different, and so her collections celebrate diversity: from spaghetti straps to strapless, from v-neck to sweetheart necklines, from mermaid tails to a princess cut.

Where: Kleinfeld Bridal

Stunning Maggie Sottero gowns, along with over 60 other designers (yes, 60!), can be found within this 30,000 square ft luxury bridal hub.

There are few brides in New York that haven’t heard of Kleinfeld Bridal, in fact, nearly every bride in the USA will have heard the name. This is because Kleinfeld Bridal is the star of its own TV program, Say Yes To The Dress. The show delves into the lives of New York’s brides-to-be, but also into that of the stylists, who work under pressure every day to ensure that each bride finds the one. Kleinfeld Bridal, the pinnacle of New York bridal glamour, will go to any length to make you feel fabulous in your dress.

Kleinfeld BridalLearn more about “Kleinfeld Bridal”
Kleinfeld Bridal

Designer: Pronovias

Globally recognised bridal designer, Pronovias, was established as a family business in Barcelona in 1922. It is our favourite long-serving wedding dress label. When it started, it was regularly frequented by high society brides who loved the Pronovias quality silk, lace and embroidery work.

Atelier Pronovias.Learn more about “Atelier Pronovias.”

Now, The Pronovias Group has a presence in 75 countries, it is the leading bridal brand in the world.

Where: Wedding Atelier

This attentive Manhattan boutique has a proud selection of hand-selected, exquisite designs from Pronovias, Hayley Paige and Tara Keely to name a few.

Choosing a wedding dress is an important and memorable experience to share with your mother or bridesmaids, so who wants to do so in a busy, crammed boutique?  With Wedding Atelier, the space itself is chic, elegant and relaxed: it’s a large floor with precisely 20 mirrors so you can really get a good look. Here you can pleasantly select your dream gown with ease and care.

Wedding AtelierLearn more about “Wedding Atelier”
Wedding Atelier

Designer: Galia Lahav

If you are a unique, glamorous and fashion-forward bride, then Galia Lahav is the bridal couture label for you.

Galia LahavLearn more about “Galia Lahav”
Galia Lahav

This designer, who was born in Russia to a family of seamstresses, has been committed to redefining the bridal fashion industry for 30 years. She is most famous for her Italian ivory lace detail, her illusion backs and her silk tulle skirts.

Where: Bridal Reflections

Fifth Avenue is one of three locations in New York where you can find Bridal Reflections, a wedding dress stockist with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Here you can expect expert advice, special fitting arrangements and services, and a wide-ranging selection of amazing designers.

Bridal Reflections is Galia Lahav’s official flagship store in New York, so this is the only place to go if you fancy one of these glamorous and bold designs.  You can also find beautiful couture numbers from Solo Merav and Lazaro, some of our other favourites!

Bridal ReflectionsLearn more about “Bridal Reflections”
Bridal Reflections

Designer: Justin Alexander

Inspired by the 1950s and 60s timeless elegance, Justin Alexander is well known for making the finest vintage and couture wedding dresses, updated with a modern twist. With so many designs, there is a perfect dress for every bride. We love Justin Alexander so much that we have made a gallery of our favorite designs, click here.

Justin AlexanderLearn more about “Justin Alexander”
Justin Alexander

Where: Forever Amour Bridal

You can find a large selection of Justin Alexander glamour in Forever Amour Bridal, located in midtown Manhattan. This chic salon boasts choice from 25 designers in total, and they even have their own exclusive designer. With designs from Jude Jowilson, you have the luxury option of having a couture gown designed specifically for you.

Perhaps what is so great about Forever Amour Bridal is that they do not rush you for time. Your 2 hour appointment will be made special with champagne, sweets, a hair and make-up trial, and of course, the exciting access to some truly exquisite gowns.

Forever Amour BridalLearn more about “Forever Amour Bridal”
Forever Amour Bridal

Designer: Inbal Dror

It’s undeniable that you will make a lasting impression if you wear an Inbal Dror gown on your wedding day. They tend to turn heads… to say the least. An Inbal Dror bride is sexy, self-assured, and confident.

Inbal DrorLearn more about “Inbal Dror”
Inbal Dror

Inbal Dror has shaken the bridal industry by introducing such enchanting and sultry designs. You will find more than just a white gown, with intricate layers of ivory, vanilla, nude and champagne tones, complete with glitz and embroidery. Add a touch of drama to your elegant bridal look.

Where: Mark Ingram Atelier

New York’s high society, sophisticated brides, have been frequenting Mark Ingram Atelier since 2002. This prestigious boutique is the only place in New York that you will find an Inbal Dror masterpiece, and the expert Mark Ingram stylist team will be happy to help. You will enjoy a high quality fitting in an intimate and luxury salon.

Mark Ingram AtelierLearn more about “Mark Ingram Atelier”
Mark Ingram Atelier

Designer: Casablanca Bridal

For a traditional, romantic gown, look no further than Casablanca Bridal. The brand that, since 1997, has become the fastest growing label in the industry.

Casablanca BridalLearn more about “Casablanca Bridal”
Casablanca Bridal

You can expect nothing less than stunning quality, since Casablanca has its own factory to monitor every process in making your exquisite dress. Think structured, voluminous princess skirts and the loveliest of sweetheart necklines.

Where: RK Bridal

In the heart of New York City you will find RK Bridal, an award-winning bridal store that is home to over 80 collections, displayed elegantly throughout their chic 30,000 ft salon space. As well as Casablanca, you can find some of our other favorites like Alfred Angelo, Demetrios and Essence of Australia. It’s a bridal fairytale.

RK Bridal - Casablanca BridalLearn more about “RK Bridal - Casablanca Bridal”
Casablanca Bridal

Designer: Enzoani

Wow-factor dresses with an innovative style: Enzoani is the perfect blend of European trends. The intricate details and soft colors will make you swoon! Each dress is authenticly designed, inspired by ancient Italian art and architecture.

EnzoaniLearn more about “Enzoani”

Enzoani has dressed many A-list celebs, you may remember the dreamy Enzoani gown that Kristen Stewart wore when tying the knot to Rob Patterson in the Twilight Saga. Find striking silhouettes and Hollywood glamour with Enzoani.

Where: The White Gown

Friendly collaboration and communication is what the stylists at New York salon, The White Gown, consider as key to fitting every bride with their perfect dress. This friendly, spacious boutique, stocks our favorite Enzoani numbers as well as Hayley Paige or Pronovias designs.

The White GownLearn more about “The White Gown”
Enzoani 2017

Designer: BERTA Bridal

You could say we have saved the best until last. BERTA gowns are to die for. This Israeli based label broke through the market 3 years ago, and is now one of the hottest bridal brands out there. Dazzingly daring, unique and glamorous. Think retro, vintage and glitzy aspects incorporated into every masterpiece.

Berta BridalLearn more about “Berta Bridal”
Berta Bridal

Where: L’Fay Bridal

As BERTA’s New York stockist, L’Fay Bridal is a dynamic and fashion-forward boutique stocking amazing and unique designs for the modern bride. They know brides well enough to let them make their own decisions according to their own tastes, and instead advise and fit rather than dictate. They strive to create the image you have always pictured of your dress. Choosing your wedding dress should be a memorable and pleasant experience. At L’Fay, it will be more than that.

Berta Bridal at L'FayLearn more about “Berta Bridal at L'Fay”
Berta Bridal
L'Fay BridalLearn more about “L'Fay Bridal”
Berta Bridal

So here you have it, everything you need to know to find your perfect wedding dress in New York City… you can thank us later!

Leave your comments if you have anything to say about these top boutiques, and send us your #RealWedding photos!

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