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Mini-Guide to a Unique Honeymoon in Buenos Aires: Discover the Charms that Lie in Argentina's Glittering Capital

Buenos Aires is a romantic city that has a lot of culture and a deep history! Spend your honeymoon there and prepare for the trip of a lifetime!

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Argentina. A land full of charm, home of Carlos Gardel, tango, quintessential cafés, spectacular monuments, friendly “hermanos” and wonderful wine! Such is Buenos Aires, a capital city of culture and romance, and best of all: an achievable dream! The city has very different neighborhoods, from the most glamorous, such as the famous Recoleta, to the more funky and modern, like Palermo Soho. The nightlife in Buenos Aires is some of the best in Latin America, with several nightclubs and bars for all tastes and styles!

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Info Hostel


Buenos Aires has several charming neighborhoods, but the city is huge and so it is best to stay somewhere in the center or close to it! In doing so, all major tours will be within a short taxi or subway ride, or even on foot. After all, walking the streets of B.A. is a real delight!


The center of Buenos Aires has many fantastic hotels and is a great place to spend a honeymoon! The famous Calle Florida and Calle Lavalle have shops, restaurants and coffee shops that resemble the charm of those found in Paris, as well as the breathtaking Galerias Pacifico. Another great advantage is that many historical points are close to Microcentro, such as Casa Rosada and the ever-so-chic Café Tortoni.

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Galerías Pacifico

Palermo Soho

Palermo Soho is a mega neighborhood, perfect for modern couples who enjoy nightlife. Its nightclubs, like Podestá, open around midnight and the party doesn’t stop until the sun rises! The place also features several types of restaurants catering to all tastes and budgets.

Tip: during the weekends, a fair is held with a wide variety of products at Plaza Serrano. Worth knowing and checking out!

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World Adventure Project


Considered one of the most noble districts of Buenos Aires, here you will find the luxurious El Ateneo Bookstore and the Cementerio de La Recoleta, where Evita Perón – actress and famous Argentine first lady was buried! Its Belle Époque-style buildings and wooded avenues give the neighborhood a charming and romantic feel, great for fans of culture and long, relaxing walks with your significant other!

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Livraria El Ateneo – Photo Aguiar Buenos Aires


If you are a foodie and love to try different dishes, you will fall in love with the cuisine in Buenos Aires! Be sure to try the classic empanadas and the typical parrilla (grill)! For dessert, opt for some of the various flavors of the Freddo ice cream shop, a real treat!

I Latina – Award-winning restaurant, specializing in Latin American cuisine, that offers a seven-course tasting menu, renovated every season! Their wines are chosen by experts for a perfect match with each dish.

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I Latina

The New Brighton – Imagine being in the center of Buenos Aires and suddenly you come across a super authentic restaurant with decoration from the 50s. Aside from the wonderful food and impeccable wine list, the atmosphere and décor of this restaurant create unique moments and spectacular photos for the customers. Unmissable!

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The New Brighton

La Cabrera – If you want to taste a real Argentinian grill, this is the right place! Located in the charming neighborhood of Palermo Soho, this restaurant was so famous among Brazilians that it opened a branch in Rio de Janeiro! Its forte are the meats, but it also has delicious salads and homemade pasta!

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El Sanjuanino – Cozy atmosphere and delicious food, however, the restaurant has gained great prominence for its famous empanadas! Those who don’t know them have to try them as a matter of urgency! The best branch is the one located in the neighborhood of Recoleta due to its setup and great service!

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El Sanjuanino

Frank’s Bar –  Hidden away and only recognizable by a small sign in the entranceway, you can only enter if you find out what the password of the week is! That’s it! They put tips on facebook (it’s always the name of someone famous) and on coming to the bar, one of the security guards asks for the password! Then after going through the “first control” you will be asked to enter a number into an old phone to open the door! Complicated? Perhaps. But once that’s done, you will be opening the doors to the bar considered the best in Latin America! That’s it, you HAVE to go!

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In Buenos Aires


Every trip in Buenos Aires will have a romantic background! The city inspires passion, whether it’s for its tango shows or through walks along its charming and bucolic streets! So take your significant other by the hand and try to walk as much as possible, enjoying getting to know every bit of this beautiful city!

Casa Rosada – Anyone who goes to Buenos Aires can’t afford to miss it! Just in front is the Plaza de Mayo, famous for the “Mothers of May” (mothers whose children disappeared during the military dictatorship). If you go along Avenida de Mayo you will come across Café Tortoni, famous for its architecture and Tango shows!

Puerto Madero – An upscale neighborhood full of restaurants, coffee shops, museums and Puerto Madero Casino, inspired by the famous Mississippi River casinos! Here you will also find the the Puente de La Mujer, a beautiful structure developed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava!

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“Caminito” & La Bombonera

Famous for its multi-colored houses, the Caminito is a small street with great historical value! It’s really worth seeing it and soon after going to La Bombonera – the famous Boca Juniors stadium that owns the beautiful Museo de la Pasión Boquense! A must-see for true soccer fans!

Foto Divulgação RH Boutique Travel
A Boca – Photo: RH Boutique Travel

Argentinian Tango

This is one of those things you CANNOT miss! There are several famous tango houses in Buenos Aires, but if you want to enjoy the so-called “tango de raiz”, with a great dinner, drink included and all at a great price, go to Café de Los Angelitos! The house still has the same structure and decoration hat it’s had since the 1930’s!

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Handmade Vacations

Feria de San Telmo

For anyone who loves antiques, this is the place for you! It only opens on Sundays and the streets around Plaza Dorrego are closed for exhibitors to set up their stalls! Another fun attraction are the performing artists, musicians and tango dancers who perform on the streets and pose for photos!

saveHenderson Moret Photography
Photo: Henderson Moret Photography

**Important tips**

Identity card or passport? – Both can be used for your entry into the country. However, be aware: identity cards are accepted only if they are valid for less than 10 years from the date of issue!

Fake money – Unfortunately, it is common to find fake notes in some establishments. Usually they are 50 or 100 pesos, so be aware! Whenever you use these notes to make a payment, note down the serial number first, because in some places, the attendants can exchange your money and give you back fake notes…

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If you are looking for romance, good food and low cost options, be sure to visit this wonderful city for the honeymoon of a lifetime!

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