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Today’s bride has a lot more to choose from then simply a hat or veil. Their options are limitless. Headwear can be used as the main focus of their outfit, or it can merely add a small touch of sparkle. In addition, there are just as many choices for the rest of the wedding party. What the bridesmaids and flower girls wear can be used to compliment the bride, while giving each individual the perfect accent to their hair style.


Bridal Head Wear

The bride can pick among pieces that can be worn both with and without a veil. Tiaras are extremely popular, as they add that regal touch to any gown or hairstyle. A tiara can be studded with pearls, rhinestones, or crystals. They look just as elegant on a bride with short hair as they do with longer hair and up dos. The bases can be either solid or flexible. This allows the bride to be comfortable on her big day while drawing attention to the face. If you want the gown to be the main focus, try a simpler headband or decorative combs. These options are subtler, but they still give that touch of sparkle to the hair. Both of these work double duty. While adding beauty, they help keep the hair out of the face.

saveBejewelled Beauty Tiara
Bejewelled Beauty Tiara

Grips are becoming popular as they offer brides the ability to dress up their hairstyle without over powering it. These understated hairpins are ideal for all hair lengths. For a casual style, the bride may want to skip the glitz and choose flowers. Worn on the side or as a crowning circle, flowers add a fresh and fragrant beauty.

saveClaudia Tiara Headband
Claudia Tiara Headband

Once the bride has chosen her headpiece, the bridesmaids can determine what will look best on them. The rest of the girls in the wedding party can also wear tiaras, but it is best to choose a smaller one than the brides. It is important that the bridesmaids compliment her without competing for attention.

Combs are perfect for the attendants as they add that small touch of sparkle. Grips will have the same effect. Headbands are a great way to give each bridesmaid a uniform look. They work well in all lengths of hair, and they can be matched to the colour of their dresses. Traditionally the bridesmaids have worn flowers. This is an elegant way to incorporate the wedding colours into the hairstyle.

One can have a bit of fun when choosing a headpiece for the flower girl. This is the ideal place to add a little whimsy to the wedding party. Little girls are adorable with headbands, and they are the most comfortable for them to wear. Headbands can be adorned with rhinestones, pearls, or crystals for sparkle. They can also be covered in cloth, or have an oversized bow attached. All are very cute, while still looking elegant with the rest of the attendants.

Flower Girls

With so many head wear options; it is both fun and easy to create a truly unique look for the bride and her attendants. Casual or formal, the headpiece can help set the tone while adding to the overall beauty of each individual.

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