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One of the most complicated issues when you get married is drawing up the guest list. Who to ask, how many people, do we really have to invite them? Perhaps a good way to start is concentrate on how many people you can afford to invite based on your budget and then draw up a separate list before coming together.

Start the list with your closest family and friends and then open things out. Once you’ve joined your two lists together and your guest list is done, it’s time to get in touch with your guests.

Zankyou will help you out with this, don’t worry, with the useful “RSVP” section, which guests fill in with their details.

You can either let your guests use the “RSVP” on the site, but it’s best to password protect your site in this case, to ensure only the people with the password (credit victoria) (that is, those you choose to give it to) will be able to RSVP via your site.

The other option is to send a group email (with email addresses on BCC) via the Zankyou site and let your guests confirm via email to your Zankyou site.

And remember, you can always personalise your RSVP texts, so that you provide your guests with the information that you want them to have!

Another advantage of managing your guest list via your Zankyou wedding website is that you will also be able to introduce your guests to the site as a whole, with all the other useful information you provide on the site, including logistical info and your online wedding gift list.

So remember, you can build your personalised wedding website in just a few clicks! Go ahead, try it out!

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