Luigi Matino Photography: preserving those special moments through a lens

Photography: it is perhaps one of the common bursts of vanity that we are guilty of when we plan weddings. Yes, we dream of wedding photography that appears as flawless as that taken of supermodels, even though models are posed ready for the shot instead of living in the moment. This, however, is a perfectly normal thing for the bride to wish for. She hopes to preserve special memories in a physical photograph. Her photos should be as perfect as she feels about her dress, her make-up, her flowers, her venue… if a wedding day isn’t the time for incredible photography then what is?

Meet Luigi Matino, an award-winning, professional photographer who has 20 years of experience in the events photography industry. He is an Art Institute graduate in graphic design and photography, and produces elegant, innovative and romantic pictures. With objectives to capture the moment and tell a story, Luigi can create the perfect photo by drawing on the micro-stories behind each moment, rather than focusing on the obvious. He therefore leaves his brides and grooms with little reminders of the natural happiness they experienced, with photos that they will cherish forever.

In Luigi Matino’s shots, every ray of light has been carefully anticipated. He not only strives to take care with the intention of telling a story and capturing it, but he also aims to immortalise this moment. If that particular look, affectionate glance, smile, or cheer brought you joy in the present, then this moment should not fade or be forgotten.

Luigi’s lens manages to dig deeper than the mere aesthetics of your wedding day. His photography captures the profound beauty of the celebration: your loved ones will display their affection through gesture and expression in the present, which will be imprisoned by his camera.

Magic happens when you least expect it, so it should not be perfect. It does not need flawless makeup, the right dress, tidy hair, nor plastic poses… even if they are seemingly natural, they are artificial. It just needs the presence of a photographer like Luigi, to be be there at that precise moment.

The ultimate goal of Luigi’s photography is to enable you, your family, and your friends to relive the intensity, vibrancy, and beauty of your wedding day just by glancing at the physical photograph. Each one has been carefully compositioned with care and artistic professionalism so as not to create something new, but to preserve the present. Luigi Matino’s magic is that each photo album is personalised to you, your style and your day, when you can just be yourself. His photography brings you back in time to the moment you loved the most, in a way that is natural and effortless.

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