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  • Live Plants as Wedding Decor & Favors: Organic, Sustainable, Beautiful

Live Plants as Wedding Decor & Favors: Organic, Sustainable, Beautiful

Live plants for weddings make beautiful eco-friendly decorations and favors for any style or theme.

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Live Hanging Plants as Wedding Reception Decorations. Photo by Jasmine Star Photography

Bring natural, earthy beauty into your wedding design by featuring live plants as wedding decorations and favors. Used alone or mixed with cut flowers, wedding plants can be styled to suit any elegant, rustic or bohemian themes.

If you don’t have a garden and want to save money on live plant decorations, consider renting your wedding plants for the occasion. A company like Plantation Services offers “short-term special-event rentals that are perfectly suited to meet your wedding-day.”

Living Plants as Reception Table Decorations. Photo from Lila B. Design
Plants in a Rustic Wooden Planter. Photo by Alice Garik Photography
DIY Bohemian Wedding Plant Decorations

Just like cut flowers, wedding plants can be arranged in various ways to express your personal style.

For an elegant look: Display potted plants in clear glass, milk glass or polished silver containers, next to pretty candles in complimentary holders. Consider a monochromatic color scheme for your reception tables, like traditional wedding white, for elegant simplicity.

For a rustic look: Use planters made from old barn wood and slightly-rusted metal cans or pots. Try raffia and frayed rope instead of ribbons, for accents, and display your living plant arrangements on earth tone table cloths.

For a bohemian look: Get playful with color! Add blooming succulents to hand-painted painted pottery or colorful vintage tins. Add vibrant origami wedding decorations with your living plant displays for extra eco-friendly bohemian design.

Cake Table with Vines. Photo from Lila B. Design
Live Plants as Cake Decorations. Photo by Feather Love
Live Plants on a Wedding Cake. Photo from Captured by Aimee

Even the wedding cake looks beautiful decked in living plant greenery. This is a beautiful alternative to cut flower or frosting cake decorating, for any wedding theme. Small plants would compliment a wedding cake made entirely of cheese, too.

Don’t forget the wedding cake table and food stations! Drape them with vines and crawling ivy for a budget-friendly DIY wedding reception idea.

Potted Succulents as Guest Placeholders and Wedding Favors. Photo by Carlie Statsky Photography
Small pots of plants and herbs as guest placeholders and favors. Photo from Weddings on the French Riviera
Tiny Fir Trees as Guest Placeholders & Favors

Small potted live plants – like succulents, herbs and tiny fir trees – make wonderful placeholders and wedding favors. For a fun wedding reception activity, consider setting up a table where kids (of all ages) can pot their own small plants to take home as living keepsakes.

Photo by Genevieve Renee Photographie

Adding living plants to your wedding design is a great “green wedding” idea with lots of styling options. Even small budding plants growing from mugs – like these pretty monogrammed mugs above from Anthropologie – can brighten up a wedding reception table on a DIY budget.

What do you think? Would you use living plants in your wedding design? Let us know with a comment below!

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