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Wedding Stationery is often not given the special attention it deserves. On the contrary it is as important as every other detail to make your wedding a perfect success! Label’ Emotion London which is a branch of the renown French wedding planning agency will give you some tips about this important step.

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When we first think about wedding stationery we think about the invitations and the main use of it, meaning the important information concerning your wedding, the location, date, etc…

First, you need to put yourself into one of your guest’s shoes and imagine. If you received an “ordinary” Wedding Invitation, would you be happy to take 2 days off, book your train tickets and hotel, buy a new outfit, do your hair and nails and everything that comes with it if you are not that excited by the invitation? Because, we are not sure we would…

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The first impression last forever, and beyond that, the invitation is the only thing your guests will have until de W-day and this is the only thing that represents you as a couple, and consequently your entire wedding to come.

Choosing the right invitation is tricky and sometimes a real headache when you don’t know what you want exactly or have an idea of it, or, on the contrary, have an exact idea of what you want. Label Emotion London recommends you in each case to keep you mind open and wait until you have seen all the possibilities to choose yours. Take your time and think about it before ordering or paying for something, and always refer to you wedding theme.

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If you already have one, great! This is usually easier. For the ones who are still struggling with this whole wedding theme and color thing, no worries, Label Emotion London will help you make the right decision!

Sometimes, brides change their minds when they see a wedding invitation they love and change their wedding theme after that. Yet this can be a bit expensive. You will discover another world here and will be surprise to see how many vendors you have on the market!

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Consider RSVP cards. If your budget allows you to print RSVP cards this could be a good idea. Same for the Save The Date Cards, this is a very good way to set the mood and prepare your guests for what comes next! give your guests a foretaste of your wedding!

Especially if you have a seated dinner, you will probably need all the answers to make the seating plan (and this is something…) and keep your caterer in touch for the menu.

The best thing to do is always ask for reviews, friend’s advice, and our help, or refer to addresses you’ve found in bridal magazines or blogs.

It’s important to consider all the aspects of each vendor, from the delivery policy to the different packages and what the price includes exactly, make sure to compare every detail. Online vendors are usually cheaper but make sure you choose the right one, and check the delivery policy because some of them demand more time than others.

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