Label´ Emotion: How to give your wedding a little French flavor

Want a French wedding but can´t make it to France? Here´s a few tips on how to bring France to your wedding!

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If you´ve been wanting to add a little French flavor or je ne sais quoi quality to your wedding, but aren´t quite sure what to do, then you´re in luck. Label´ Emotion, an international wedding planning agency based in London and Paris, has a few simple yet effective suggestions that will help you achieve your wish – and it´s definitely not sticking mini french flags everywhere.

So, how do you take your guests on a quaint French journey and avoid forcing them into a French cliché? Two words: food and wine. These two things reflect the famous French taste for the finer things in life – you only need to look at what the most expensive wines are on the market to see evidence of that. But worry not, you don´t have to shell out in order to get that experience and you don´t need to go overboard to get an enjoyable French flavor. Here are Label´ Emotions suggestions on how to achieve the just the right amount of French vibe in your wedding.

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To incorporate French food you can easily serve a whole French menu, or if that seems a bit too much, it´s easy enough to choose just one or two elements to add just the right touch. Why not finish with a towering French wedding macaroon cake? The French are certainly masters of pastries and sweets – Laudrée anyone?

Or how about greeting guests with a Champagne fountain? You know, its only Champagne if it comes from France. Or how about buffet during cocktails with a selection of French cheeses? Arguably the best cheese in the world.

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Credits: Label´Emotion

You know what goes great with a cheese buffet? A wine tasting bar. Seriously, what could be more French than cheese and wine? A heavenly pairing. To personalize your wine bar, choose your favorite French wines and share them with your guests. You can even set up blind tastings and test how sophisticated their pallets are.

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If you are planning a brunch the next day, go for a French style picnic in the garden with linen tablecloths on the grass and baskets full of freshly baked baguettes, charcuterie, and any cheese and wine left over from the wedding (if there is any). It´s another quality the French exhibit so well: they know how to take time and enjoy the moment and not rush it.

saveCredits: Label´ Emotion
Credits: Label´ Emotion

Wedding favors are another perfect opportunity to add a little French inspiration into your wedding. Case and point: macaroons. These delicious treats are the perfect way to say “merci” to all your lovely guests without burdening them with a favor to carry home.

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