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Justin Alexander's Innovative 2018 Fall Collection Is Perfect For Modern Brides

For this Fall/Winter, indulge with Justin Alexander's new collection - a masterful collection of modern dresses that do not forget the vital feminine touch.

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Returning to the picturesque scenery of Santorini after the success of his 2018 Spring Campaign, Justin Alexander here showcases an incredible new collection of sophisticated and modern wedding dresses. With a focus on creating gowns that are perfect for contemporary brides who want to be both stylish and romantic, Justin Alexander reasserts its reputation as one of the most preeminent and distinguished design houses in the bridal industry. Against the backdrop of the soft blue Grecian sky, Justin Alexander’s crisp cuts and precise lines stand to attention – and we’re sure that they’ll capture yours! Check out our selection of favourites from the new collection here.

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Style 88000. Credits: Justin Alexander.

The very first outfit of the new collection is where Justin Alexander makes clear that this is not your typical bridal range. A beautiful V-neck lace bodice is fused with a pair of tailored white crepe trousers, for a bold look that embodies the modern woman. This sleek design is perfect for a bride looking to be unique, practical, but still beautiful, with the floral appliqués adding a touch of femininity.

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Style 88002. Credits: Justin Alexander.

With an elegant train spilling from the lower half of the skirt, and lace panelling adorning the upper bodice, a fresh take on a classic shape is presented in this gown. Rhinestone detailing on the shoulders, and chantilly lace cap sleeves also add to the glamorous and sensual nature of the dress. The masterful draping of fabric also accentuates the figure.

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Style 88005. Credits: Justin Alexander.

This fit and flare gown may seem like a return to the classic bridal style that this collection avoids, but the subtle splash of a rosy-nude colour for the skirt modernises it completely. The allover lace creates a palpable sense of romance, again emphasised by the embroidered train which flows behind the dress. The sheer material covering the V-neck creates a more gentle effect – this gown is demure, as opposed to sexy.

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Style 88008. Credits: Justin Alexander.

This dress is designed to flatter the body, with shapewear mesh lining included in the bodice. However, it does not lose its beauty in its desire to have a more practical effect (though this dress is ideal for brides who may feel a little self-conscious about their size). The embroidered illusion sleeves complement the sheer overlay on the skirt, creating a opalescent effect.

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Style 88010. Credits: Justin Alexander.

The layering of tulle in this skirt create a feather-like effect, and a more traditional dress perfect for the brides out there longing for romance on their big day. There is a big contrast between the skirt, and the very sexy cut-outs in the bodice, but this is done with a great amount of skill, creating a new but beautiful form of wedding dress. The brocade effect of the lace appliqués is also a great addition.

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Style 88015. Credits: Justin Alexander.

The thing we love most about this dropped-waist ballgown is the skirt. The border lace along the bottom of the skirt is just gorgeous, with the cathedral length train a classic touch in a thoroughly contemporary collection – indeed, this is perhaps the closest that Justin Alexander comes to traditional for the Fall/Winter 2018 Collection.

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Style 88018. Credits: Justin Alexander.

In a completely new look for bridal gowns, this style combines a short-sleeved collared bodice with a very figure-hugging lace skirt. The inclusion of a collar in a wedding dress is absolutely inspired – and creates an air of elegance and chicness that is difficult to replicate. The stark ivory of the dress creates a crisp, fresh look.

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Style 88023D. Credits: Justin Alexander.

This cascade of tulle is delicate, dreamy and oh-so sophisticated. Justin Alexander comes close to couture with this design – the combination of the large, attention-grabbing skirt with the plain top is an artistic technique that creates a perfect princess-like dress.

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Style 88027. Credits: Justin Alexander.

Though modest, this gown is very feminine and sleek, with a long chiffon skirt that flows out instead of clinging to the body. We already know that long sleeves are likely to make a comeback after Meghan Markle wore them to her wedding to Prince Harry in May, but Justin Alexander is already ahead of the trend with this gown. However, with a surprising cowl back, this dress is also incredibly sensual.

saveJustin AlexanderLearn more about “Justin Alexander”
Style 88028. Credits: Justin Alexander.

More than anything else, Justin Alexander creates dresses that are memorable – for all the right reasons! This ballgown with a sleek satin skirt is the epitome of what it is to be a bride. The lack of embellishments, and the focus on the layering in the skirt create a gown that is simply stunning.

Justin Alexander has been a staple of the wedding industry for decades, and this is made ever more apparent with every collection the brand releases. The company continues to be an internationally-renowned leader in bridal design and innovation, and so if you want to be the most up-to-date and fashionable bride, then there is no better place to start looking for your dress. Any new seasonal trends, you’ll see here first – so don’t miss out, and keep an eye out for Justin Alexander!

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