How to Throw a Memorable Bachelorette Party: 8 Party Ideas You Won't Want to Miss

Guest blogger Serena Dorf tells us all about the best ideas for a memorable bachelorette party - so if you're in the planning process, don't miss out!

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Are you looking for fresh ideas to host a memorable bachelorette party? Are you looking for creative and classy ideas to throw an unforgettable party before the big day? Would you like to make the bride happy and get memories to talk about long after the wedding?

If so, keep reading to discover 8 ideas for a bachelorette party that none of you will ever forget!

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Spa day

Organizing a wedding can be pretty stressful, so help your bride relax a little bit and prepare herself adequately for the big step. Let all the stress and worries fade away during a spa day.

Find a perfect spa place that pleases everybody’s taste and treat yourselves with a relaxing massage, sauna, hot tubs, and all other goodies. However, if your budget is limited, then you can organize a spa day at home. Just make DIY facials or scrubs, play some relaxing music, and prepare hot tea.

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What is the fastest way to a woman’s heart? Through her stomach! That’s the reason BBQ is a perfect idea for a bachelorette party. Brides who aren’t party animals would appreciate it.

Therefore, find a suitable BBQ place, prepare a playlist, bring delicious food and refreshing drinks. Also, don’t forget to check the weather forecast to avoid unpleasant surprises that can ruin the event. Have a lazy day in nature, filled with laughter, recalling memories with your besties and creating new ones.

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Themed party

The best way to make the bachelorette party special and personal is to throw a themed party. It requires just a little bit of creativity and proper preparations.

Pick a theme that your bride would enjoy and that in a way resonates with her. It can be a rockabilly party, Hawaiian party, Las Vegas night, and so on. Get or make the necessary accessories and appropriate decoration with your bride tribe. Finally, dress up accordingly and enjoy!

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Getaway weekend

Another way to help your bride relax and detach from the wedding stress is to organize a getaway weekend. That way, you’ll have the whole experience and spend more time together.

Find a perfect house on Airbnb that would ensure you a pleasant stay. If it has a swimming pool, that’s even better. Plan your activities during the weekend. Would you like to play some games, have a movie night, or just chill out? It’s up to you!

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Pub crawling night

Whether your bride likes to party or not, pub crawling is the best choice for an unforgettable bachelorette party. It takes some time to organize everything, but it’s worth it.

Pick some bars and make reservations. Make sure you point out that you’re having a bachelorette pub crawling, but don’t worry, every place would gladly host such an event. To spice things up, organize a scavenger hunt, i.e., give everybody a checklist of things they need to do. You’ll have a blast!

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Cooking class

If you want to throw a completely different and unusual bachelorette party, then organize a cooking class. This low-key activity guarantees a fun and memorable experience.

Book a private cooking lesson. There are many companies that offer services where the chef comes to your house to teach a class. At the same time, you’ll have fun and learn some pro culinary tips and tricks. Moreover, you’ll have the honor to enjoy the tasty meals that you’ve prepared by yourself.

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Game night

Good games are an essential part of every bachelorette party, but they alone can be a central theme of this great event. However, just make sure you choose really great ones and skip boring sleazy games.

Likewise, you can make bachelorette party games with the help of many free printables that you can find on the Internet. That way, you can make your own bachelorette dare card or the quiz on how well you know the bride.

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Bachelorette party essentials

Last but not least, don’t forget to include must-have bachelorette party accessories. Catherine, an ex-bachelorette and content writer advises:

The best way to make a bachelorette party unforgettable is to provide the bride tribe with cute festive accessories. But, make the bride-to-be feel special with adorable accessories made just for her and in that way make her stand out from the crowd. Another must-have is a shared iCloud photo album during the bachelorette party where everybody can contribute and have wonderful memories available right away.”

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The only thing left to do is to get creative and throw the best bachelorette party!

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