How to: Summer wedding day makeup by Makeup Artist Candee Caldwell

If you're getting married next Summer in a hot and humid location, we've got some quintessential makeup advice for you!

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Award-winning international makeup artist, Candee Caldwell, discuss how to get the perfect dewy Summer look for your wedding. Caldwell has previously written about makeup and styling for the mature bride – to read more about that, click here.

When picking your dress, you hair and makeup should reflect your personality whether it’s Summer, Spring, Winter, or Fall. That being said, you’ll want to use lighter palettes, and more neutral andpastel tones for a Summer wedding. The colors should look soft and romantic – as natural as possible, while still having a little oomph for effect.

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The key for a long-lasting bridal look is using waterproof makeup – I use brands that never looks nor feel heavy and can last the entire day, especially if a wedding is happening in a very humid and hot location.

The most important feature to start with on the face are the eyes. In the shot above, I used soft taupe and neutral colors with a pop of purple on the outer corners. No heavy liners. I prefer using darker eye shadows to link the lower eye lids, which give them a more defined look rather than outlined. That, combined with false eyelashes, will give you a pronounced look that is perfect for wedding photography.

To add some definition, use bronzer for conturing on the cheekbones and nose. For a healthy, rosy color, use cream to powder cheek colors, but remember to stay more neutral – you don’t want rose pink cheeks. Also, if you’re going to be married in a hot location, your cheeks may naturally blush on their own due to the heat.

Lastly, for you lips you’ll also want to stay more neutral and light for a Summer wedding. You don’t want to feel weighed down by your makeup and a light peach lip is a perfect way to brighten you lips. Be sure to use lip liner as a base to prolong your lip color.

Remember: the key is using waterproof products.



Credits: hair: Chirstie Bloom owner of Christie & Company // Photography: Mike Tomassi owner of Picture This // makeup: Candee Caldwell owner of Wedding Makeup by Candee Caldwell

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