How To Organize A Wedding With Pets Without It Being a Disaster

If like us at Zankyou you and your partner are pet lovers and are about to begin organizing your wedding, you will have no doubt contemplated including them in your special day. Be it the dog, cat, Vietnamese piglet or even a ferret, they have surely lived unforgettable moments with you.

If you have already decided that yes you want a pet-friendly wedding day, then the question is how exactly will you about it… Take a look at our recommendations for hosting a non-stressful pet-friendly wedding day! 

  1. Hire pet sitters
  2. Make sure the venue allows pets
  3. Pet schools
  4. Designated area for pets
  5. Dress them up
Photo: Pets At Weddings
Photo: Pets At Weddings

1. Hire Pet Sitters

One of the main points when thinking about inviting our pets to a great day like this is that there must be someone who can take care of them. It is a fact that animals cannot be quiet for long, they need to play, walk, run and eat. Therefore, the safest thing to do is hire someone who can take care of them while you take part in all the important parts of your big day.

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Foto: Paulina Morales
Photo: Paulina Morales

2. Make Sure The Venue Allows Pets

Both in the place of the celebration and at the reception you must get authorization for pets to be allowed in the venue space. You may think that they’d be allowed, especially if the location is outside, but often venues such as halls, churches, haciendas, etc., have restrictions on it. It would also be worthwhile to confirm with the caterers too, because it may not be compatible with their regulations. Don’t forget also that guests may have allergies, so it’s definitely worth confirming before taking a surprise on the day.

Foto: Fernando García
Photo: Fernando García

3. Pet Schools

Something very important is to be clear about the attitude and personality of your animal friend. If for example a kitten is very affectionate towards guests you may want to think twice about bringing him/her as you may have guests who feel uncomfortable; the same if you have a disobedient dog. It’s common sense to think about how your pet acts among more people before thinking about taking it to a large event. Think about it for your own comfort as well as that of the guests.

Foto: Erick Pozos
Photo: Erick Pozos

4. Designated Area For Pets

Apart from having someone designated to cater to the guest pets, we also recommend having a specific place where they can be free to run around and play with other pets. If the wedding is outside, it would be worth having a place not too far away, that goes according to the decoration of the place. They will have to prepare dishes for food and drink, as well as prizes and gourmet pet food. If the human guests receive special dishes, why do not they?

If the reception is inside the best thing to do is to have the designated area situated outside, you don’t want any surprise spillages!

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Foto: Aniela Fotografía
Photo: Aniela Fotografía

5. Dress Them Up

For a day as special as this, it’s nice for everyone to look the part! Dress your pets formally with a bow tie or even a simple ribbon that goes hand-in-hand with the accessories of the bride or bridesmaids. You’re guaranteed to impress the other, human, guests!

Foto: Aniela Fotografía
Photo: Aniela Fotografía
Foto: Tomas Barrón
Photo: Tomas Barrón

If it is such an important day for you, why not involve the little one who accompanies you every day? Surely it will be filled with happiness just like you. Do not miss the opportunity to make it part of your big day!

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