The A to Z of planning an Italian Destination Wedding

We have done our best to help you with everything you will need to make sure your Italian wedding is planned to perfection. Read on for some incredible recommendations for planners, bridalwear, venues, caterers, photographers and more.

The A to Z of planning an Italian Destination Wedding
Photo: Mencarelli Group
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Who can really blame the likes of A-list celebs Kim Kardashian and George Clooney for choosing the beautiful country of Italy as their wedding destination. Whether in the Tuscan hills, the romantic Verona, or under the bright lights of Rome, this European country is a dream spot for couples all over the world. 


When choosing to marry in another country, even another continent, the amount of options and research you have to do is pretty overwhelming. That is why we have done our best to help you with everything you will need to make sure your Italian wedding is planned to perfection. So read on for some incredible recommendations of planners, venues, caterers, photographers and more. 


Now – you definitely need to think about what food is going to live up to the stunning Italian views you have chosen. Food is definitely a priority. There is nothing quite like Italian cuisine, and when you are locating your wedding in the midst of this culinary world, you are spoiled for choice. Here are our top choices:

saveConfetti Crispo Find out more about Confetti Crispo
Confetti Crispo

Are you looking for something sweet on your wedding day? Then you must contact Crispo Confetti and fall in love with their vast range of different desserts and treats for unique events. They are known for their quality production and professionalism and have become a leading producer of candies and sweets.

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Confetti Crispo

Couples are always awed by their delicious, traditional sweets – they are always made with traditional techniques and tender care. Their sweets are not only delicious, but because of their unique, eye-catching packaging they are also a cute, colorful feature in your wedding photography! Crispo Confetti’s treats also make wonderful wedding favors that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face. So, if you are looking to have a sweet wedding, call Confetti Crispo!

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Confetti Crispo

We have already mentioned Mencarelli Group as a specialist for wedding venues. But they also help you with the catering and they will impress you with their long experience in the wedding industry. As passionate food lovers, they help you to explore the special world of wedding menus and create a wedding day full of tasty pleasures for you!

saveMencarelli Group Roma Catering & BanquetingFind out more about Mencarelli Group Roma Catering & Banqueting
Mencarelli Group Roma Catering & Banqueting


When jetting off abroad for your wedding, it is really important that you seek the help of a destination wedding planner who is local to your chosen location. This means you will be able to relax while your fairy-tale wedding in Italy is planned to perfection! One of our top recommendations in Italy is Giorgia Fantin Borghi, one of the most successful professionals in the Italian wedding industry. Listed by ELLE magazine as “one of the top 5 wedding planners” and by Zankyou Italy as one of the “10 best wedding planners in Milan” – you really cannot go wrong!

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Photo: Giorgia Fantin Borghi


Now let us get into the subject of Venues. Your chosen place will be in your memory forever, and you will want to give your guests that wow-factor, so here are our top picks:

The majestic Palazzo Boncompagni is a prestigious and historic 14th century mansion. Within the enchanting city of Bologna, just a few steps away from Piazza Maggiore and the marvellous Two Towers, this venue will be unforgettable for you and your guests, right in the vibrating heart of the town. Perfect for an elegant fairy-tale wedding theme!

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Photo: Palazzo Boncompagni

The Mencarelli Group are the ones to talk to if you just cannot decide – they have a choice of four amazing hotels, one if which will certainly be ‘the one’. Firstly, there is Hotel Cristallo, located in Santa Maria degli Angelia few kilometres from Assisi and close to the Saint Francis’s Portiuncula church. This hotel is equipped for up to 150 guests, with a rooftop courtyard, gardens and bar overlooking stunning views.

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Photo: Mencarelli Group

Secondly, there is the Bosone Hotel, which is located in the Medieval center of Gubbio, the hotel was built up inside Palazzo Raffaelli with beautiful views over the valley of Gubbio. A stunning venue indeed. There is also the Hotel Relais Ducale in Gubbio. Here you can discover suspended gardens, a beautiful terrace and more assets to let your guests feel like they have traveled to an authentic paradise. This also hotel offers elegant renaissance rooms – the perfect oasis to discover the medieval town, with Gothic buildings, churches and squares.

And last but certainly not least, Mencarelli Group also offer the Hotel Villa Montegranelli, south of Gubbio, with a choice of 3 beautiful restaurants and 21 rooms from which you can admire the beauty of the park, the Circle Labirint, and also the striking view of the city of Gubbio on the slopes of Mount Igino.

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Photo: Mencarelli Group

Or, if you fancy a villa wedding in Rome, check out Park Hotel Villa Grazioli. Stunning views, beautiful architecture and magnificent works of art – this place looks like it has been constructed from our dreams. Their destination wedding package includes elegant rooms for the symbolic/civil official ceremony, a four-course lunch or dinner with local wine for 2 as well as an additional one night in a Charme Deluxe double room with breakfast. A great place to kickstart your honeymoon!


After booking your fairy-tale venue, the next priority is to make sure you have an artistic wedding photographer on board to capture all the magic of your destination wedding – so you can remember it for a lifetime.

Marcella Fava is exactly the person for the job. She takes pictures of even the smallest of details, catching things you will be too busy to notice, especially all those little precious moments that make a wedding so special. You will barely notice Marcella and her team, with their relaxed and friendly approach to destination wedding photography. The result is one of candid spontaneity – joyous emotions preserved in time forever.

saveMarcella Fava Studio FotograficoFind out more
Photo: Marcella Fava Studio Fotografico

Lastly, you should ensure your wedding planning process is both fun and relaxed. This will be the most magical day of your life, but the whole experience of planning a wedding in Italy should be truly memorable. By choosing all the right suppliers, you have the ingredients to create a truly personalized day in beautiful Italy.

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