How to Organize a Destination Wedding in Italy

How to Organize a Destination Wedding in Italy

There really is no better place to tie the knot than the beautiful country of Italy, and with the help of these suppliers, it can be as easy as organising a wedding at home

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Italy really is an A-list destination for weddings; Kim Kardashian and George Clooney have been two stars that have famously chosen to tie the knot in this beautiful country, and who can blame them? With stunning landscapes, food and wine, Italy has something for everyone. Whether in the Tuscan hills, the romantic setting of Verona, or under the bright lights of the capital, Italy is a destination to seriously consider if you are dreaming of a wedding abroad.


The choice can sometimes seem overwhelming when there are so many options. Fortunately, Zankyou are here to help you with everything you’ll need to make sure your Italian wedding is as special as possible. One things for sure: when you’re planning a wedding across the Atlantic, you want to make sure you have all the help you can get from someone who knows the area through and through; someone who you can employ to make sure you don’t have to stress too much in the run up to the best day of your life!

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Based in Rome, Destination Wedding in Rome, specialises in destination wedding planning. The experts there know all there is to know about the local cuisine and venues, and will ensure your wedding is authentic, memorable and truly beautiful. The friendly and professional team craves the creation of amazing celebrations for brides to be. Italy is the epitome of love and romance! Ensuring everything is personal to your needs and requirements, Destination Wedding in Rome is experienced and guaranteed to give you the perfect wedding.

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Now let’s get into the subject of Venues. There is so much choice here, enough to make you want to plan two or three different occasions! However, we are on hand to help you choose ‘the one’ with our top picks:

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If you are looking to tie the knot in the country’s bustling and bright capital, our top choice is the Gran Melià Rome. Described as a luxury hotel in the heart of the eternal city, the Grand Meliá Rome boasts pools, views, a spa and luscious gardens, all while being within walking distance to many of the city’s main attractions – just a five-minute walk to the Vatican! Not to mention the top-quality dining – these guys put food first. Their highly qualified staff are on hand to ensure that every request is not only met, but also completely customised to you. With menus inspired by Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, this place not only looks, but tastes amazing.

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Photo: Gran Melià Rome

The Mencarelli Group are the ones to talk to if you just can’t decide! With four hotels, you’re bound to find one which fits the bill for your perfect location! Firstly, there is the Hotel Cristallo, located in Santa Maria degli Angelia few kilometers from Assisi and close to the Saint Francis’s Portiuncula church. This hotel is equipped for up to 150 guests, with a rooftop courtyard, gardens and bar overlooking stunning views.

Secondly, there is the Bosone Hotel, which is located in the Medieval center of Gubbio, the hotel was built up inside Palazzo Raffaelli with beautiful views over the valley of Gubbio. A stunning venue indeed. Described as the most beautiful medieval town, this is truly somewhere special, memorable and sure to provide a stunning backdrop to the wedding! While we’re here, there is also the Hotel Relais Ducale in Gubbio. This hotel offers elegant renaissance rooms – the perfect oasis to discover the medieval town, with Gothic buildings, churches and squares. The hotel also has suspended gardens, a beautiful terrace – a classic and stunning place to host your guests for your big day.

Lastly in this set, there is the Hotel Villa Montegranelli, South of Gubbio, offeringbanqueting and catering services in a choice of 3 beautiful restaurants and 21 rooms from which you can admire the beauty of the park, the circular Circle Labirint, and also the striking view of the city of Gubbio on the slopes of Mount Igino. This is an ideal choice for smaller weddings: the wonderful Hall of Pomegranates is the perfect venue for an intimate affair, accommodating up to 30 people, offering a special atmosphere ideal for private dining. Check it out – it’s beautiful!

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Photo: Mencarelli Group

Hotel Quirinale Rome is a venue that will transport you and your guests back to 9th century Rome – already this has our interest! For weddings, the hotel has its own private garden where the guests can enjoy the peace and quiet in the shade of a magnificent cedar of Lebanon. Truly stunning and private, the gardens are luscious and green, providing the perfect background for your wedding shots!

If you’re looking for something indoor through, they have you covered there too! The restaurant rooms host up to 250 people and the exceptional and experienced chefs are able to prepare any kind of traditional dishes inspired by the changing needs of international cuisine. The Hotel Quirinale also boasts an excellent location in the centre of the eternal city, within minutes of stunning attractions.

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Photo: Hotel Quirinale Rome

Another option is Park Hotel Villa Grazioli. This a 16th Century villa overlooks the ancient city of Rome. Stunning views, beautiful architecture and magnificent works of art – this place looks like it has been constructed from our dreams! The Villa offers a small wedding package to help you to make your wedding dreams a reality! The package includes frescoed rooms for the symbolic/civil official ceremony, a four-course lunch or dinner with local wine for 2 as well as an additional one night in a Charme Deluxe double room with breakfast. To be surrounded by the historic building and overlooking the lights of the city is truly a lovely idea.

Now – you definitely need to think about what food is going to live up to the stunning Italian views you have chosen. There’s nothing quite like Italian cuisine, and when you’re locating your wedding in the midst of this culinary world, you’re spoiled for choice. Here’s our top choice:

Le Voila Banqueting are the ones to talk to if you want to make sure every step of the process is designed to meet your needs. They pride themselves on their services which make the most important moments and anniversaries of your life special, and unforgettable. Offering ‘A crescendo of tastes and scents that will delight both your eyes and palate’, they truly know what they are doing. With 20 years of experience, Le Voila Banqueting commits itself to being able to produce the most beautiful and successful dining experiences. They understand that being able to strike the right balance of styles, tastes and locations is vital to creating the most beautiful day of your life.

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Photo: La Voilà Banqueting

Colasanti Catering truly strives to place you and your desires at the heart of the operation, placing significant care and attention to designing menus and ensuring it guarantees and lives up to the expectations not only of the bride and groom but also of their hosts. Not only this, but they will help you find the most suitable location for your party! They truly understand the importance of a perfect marriage between menu and venue. Not only this, but the staff is composed only of professional maîtres and waiters that are careful and diligent in ensuring the smooth running of the event, working with sincere professionalism and care.

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Photo: Colasanti Catering

We hope that we have been able to give you enough inspiration to planning your perfect Italian wedding. By choosing all the right suppliers, you have the ingredients to create a truly personalized day. There really is no better place to tie the knot, and we’re sure that it won’t take much persuading to convince your significant other!


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