How to Make DIY Monogrammed Paper Napkins for Your Wedding

Adding a personalized touch to your wedding can be easily done with monogrammed napkins!

  • Decoration styles

Monograms incorporate multiple letters into a single design, making excellent wedding decorations. Combine the initials of the bride and groom for a simple custom wedding icon.

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Start with high quality paper napkins


Use sturdy, well-made paper napkins as a base for your monogram design. Napkins that are too thin will not properly hold the ink or sewing used to make the monogram. Gracious Bridal has some beautiful napkins that can be used as a base for your monogram design, as well as excellent examples of personalized wedding napkins.

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Create your monogram design

Use a simple monogram design like the one pictured above, or something more intricate. Draw your design by hand or use software to help. You may want to include the full names of the bride and groom and the wedding date.

Choose your monogram method:

  1. Sewing: You can sew onto high quality paper napkins just like cloth napkins! Use a sewing machine or hand-stitch your monogram design onto the paper napkin.
  2. Stamping: Buy rubber stamps with the initials of the bride and groom, or create your own stamp. If you choose to create your own stamp, one easy method is the linocut. This method involves transferring an image onto a sheet of artist’s linoleum and then carving the stamp by hand. All tools needed to create a linocut can be purchased at your local art or craft store. You might want to experiment with various inks for stamping and linocut. Stamped lettering can also be embossed. Simply cover your stamped monogram with embossing powder, shake the napkin to remove excess powder, and heat the image with an embossing gun.
  3. Stenciling: Create a custom stencil for your monogram, then ink the stencil with a stamping or linocut ink. Make your own stencil using poster-board and an X-Acto knife, or buy a stencil online through sites like Etsy.
  4. Iron-on: Design your monogram on a computer, print the image onto transfer paper, and iron it onto your napkins. Many office supply shops sell this iron-on transfer paper, which can be used in almost any conventional printer.
  5. Embellish: Add final custom touches. Use stamping ink to add design elements to the rest of the napkin, or crochet your napkin edges.


If you don’t feel up to creating your own, you can always order high quality napkins from a trusted site. Monogrammed napkins add a personal, artistic touch to wedding celebrations. Intricate napkins can even double as party favors for your guests. There are a wide variety of ways to create custom monogram napkins for your wedding.

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