How to Make An Awesome Wedding Website

Did you know that creating a wedding website with us is super easy and completely free? Not only that, with Zankyou you can also customize your website to make it uniquely yours! Choose from hundreds of designs, fonts, image backgrounds, colors and so much more. Have relatives who speak another language? Worry not, Zankyou is available in 9 languages – your foreign guests can see your page in their language of choice! To get started, just register your site with us, by clicking here. Add your name and email and we´ll automatically generates a unique URL for your website. It´s as simple as that – and in a couple of clicks you´ll have a wedding website ready to customize.


Personalized Designs. Choose from hundreds of designs and customize them to your liking. Have any questions? Feel free to call our customer service and one of our qualified professionals will be more than happy to help you take advantage of all our utilities.


Agenda. Organize your wedding weekend and share it with your guests so they´ll know exactly when and where they should be, and what the appropriate dress code is.

Maps. In addition to the agenda, you can attach a section with maps to indicate where all the important locations of the wedding will take place, making sure nobody gets lost.


Save the Date. Send your guests a Save the Date to remind them of your upcoming wedding. You can do this anyway you wish: upload a homemade video, a cute gallery, or a a reminder email.


Registry. You can also create a registry with us – making it easier on you and your guests for find all the information on your wedding in one place! With an online registry you can list whatever you want: experiences, stages of your honeymoon, physical items, charity donations, and so much more.


Photos. Upload all the photos you want and share them with your guests. If you wish, your guests can also upload photos of the wedding – that way you´ll have one place to see all the photos of your big day.


Countdown. Tick-tock…the countdown to the big day begins! Add a countdown clock to your wedding website so that guests can start getting excited about the upcoming festivities.


Recommend hotels. If you have foreign guests or are holding a destination wedding, guests really appreciate it when the couple recommends nearby hotels. You can also sort them by price point and location to venue – you can also mention nearby facilities, such as salons and spas.


Upload videos. If you´ve created a homemade video or have had a professional wedding film crew shoot one for you, upload it and share it with your guests before and even after your wedding – guests will love reliving the memory with you.

RSVP and Table Seating. Add the RSVP tab on your website and ask your guests can easily confirm with just a click! Our site will help you organize all the attendees and manage the seating arrangement.


Wedding Invitation. You can also send your wedding invitations electronically through your website – and you have a forum where you can talk to your guests. You can keep in contact with all your guests right up until the day of the big event! Ask them to help you with a wedding music playlist (or not, this could be dangerous).

If you have any further questions on how to personalize your wedding website, please don´t hesitate to reach out to us. We have qualified professional ready to help. You can reach us at or call us at (845) 789-4357.

We look forward to seeing your awesome wedding website!

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