Fall Wedding? How to Stay Stylish Despite the Weather

Advice for an Fall Wedding. Prepare for any weather conditions and look radiant come rain or shine.

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Fall. The season that boasts a beautiful landscape and rich hues, yet notoriously unpredictable weather. Picture this… you are in your perfect wedding venue, in your perfect dress, yet the fall wind sends your hair into a frenzy and gives you the shivers, while torrential rain ruins your photos and dampens your look. Preparation is most certainly key.

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Yes, although there are many benefits to having your wedding during fall, the weather is not one of them. Here’s how to make sure you look beautiful despite clouds, wind and rain.

Stylish and warm: what to wear

Fall is so underrated. In fact, a traditional white dress is not limited to the spring/summer season at all, and it stands out even more gloriously against bold florals in burnished shades. Trade a summery sweetheart neckline for stylish sleeves to keep warm in the chilly air. With lace sleeves comes elegance, with Juliet puff shoulders comes a Shakespearean look of romance, and with 1920s-style scalloped sleeves comes glitz and glamour. Embellished, embroidered, mesh or plain, sleeves are the perfect addition to the best attraction of the day: your dress.

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Preparing for the unpredictable is all about layers. If you are unsure of temperature and weather then look into detachable sleeves, straps or underbodices. You would be amazed at how versatile your wedding dress could be. On wet ground, a detachable train or skirt becomes invaluable, proving to be elegant yet practical when necessary. Removing layers also makes for more movement when dancing the night away.

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The fall colour palette for bridesmaids can be spectacular. Keep them warm with a deep-coloured pashmina in any material from silk to wool that will complement the colours of their dresses and the bridal flowers. Deep purples or shades of burgundy look striking against a back drop of browns and reds, and floral wedding accessories have never been more fitting.

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Wind and rain: dare to prepare

Although the shining sun makes for a glorious day, remember that a cloudy sky often provides the best lighting for photos. A spot of rain can even look artistic…what’s more romantic than a kiss under the rainy skies?

Think about investing in some block colour umbrellas and have your bridesmaids hold them high in some stylish group photography. Make this all the more special with personalized Mr & Mrs umbrellas, and offer umbrellas as wedding favors. Even preparing for the rain can suit your style: for a vintage wedding try authentic lace parasols, and for those a little quirkier, rock the rainboots.

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Despite some undesired weather conditions, make sure you feel confident and radiant throughout the day with a totally prepared hairstyle, and weather-proof make up. The best way to prevent hair from blowing in your face just at the key moments is, of course, a traditional ‘up do’. Get creative to fit the season by using bold floral pins – messy chic! But, would you prefer your hair tumbling over your shoulders? Then experiment with some wavy styles so that a little bit of wind just enhances the look further. Think bounce, volume, and some controlled frizz that is supposed to be there. Illuminate your eyes and smile against potentially bleak weather by wearing long-lasting make-up in warm colours. Try coppers and golds mixed with a subtle smoky eye, or put nudes and tans on your eyes to contrast a burnt orange lip colour. Waterproof mascara is a must (even if only for those tears of joy), and individual false lashes will withstand the wind for longer.

Once you and your bridesmaids are looking stylish for any weather, you can really have some fun with your fall wedding. Choose bright flowers, seasonal table favors, and have leaves or petals thrown as confetti to reflect the changing season. With the right practical measures in place, you can be dazzling on your wedding day, come rain or shine.

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