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  • How to decorate the best wedding ever? Learn the keys and 3 idyllic venues to make this possible

How to decorate the best wedding ever? Learn the keys and 3 idyllic venues to make this possible

The best tip we can give you on how to choose the perfect decoration for that precious day is: look at multiple options!

How to decorate the best wedding ever? Learn the keys and 3 idyllic venues to make this possible
Photo: Med InStyle
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The general aesthetic of a wedding and its decorations, are key to creating an atmosphere that will make the couple comfortable and create great memories. One of the things one first thinks when imagining that day is the location. Then, the color schemes and the general view. You need the decorations to have the greatest pictures, but also a really nice venue that can offer to the other senses and will remain on your memory. Every detail must be impeccable.


Capanna Suites


This wine resort can give you the privacy and traditional ambiance that you like. The gourmet restaurant is a must and the flower gardens, spa and pool place will be the best entertainment for the guests. Romance will be in the air thanks to this venue.

saveCapanna Suites a charming wine resort in MontalcinoFind out more about Capanna Suites
Photo: Capanna Suites

Lo Smeraldo Ricevimenti

If elegance, opulence and luxury is what you need in that special day, Lo Smeraldo Receptions will serve as a great host. The Palladian style building will make a statement in the wedding pictures with its white marble and sumptuous curves.

saveLo Smeraldo Ricevimenti a Palladian style building for weddingsFind out more about Lo Smeraldo Ricevimenti
Photo: Lo Smeraldo Ricevimenti

Antico Mulino

Chic, modern and enchanting are the words used to describe this beautiful farm that can be the place of your dreams. If you want something familiar, charming and original, look at the pictures and fall in love.

saveAntico Mulino a farm for shabby chic style weddingsFind out more about Antico Mulino
Photo: Antico Mulino

If you want to delegate some work related to locations, you can always choose a wedding planner. This people will have a set of venues, churches and retreats that can cater to your liking. They know the ones that are more private, exclusive and have the contacts to change anything to make your dream come true. Every detail matters. That’s why you need to know about these 4 wedding planners.

Wedding Planner Le Rêve

Le Rêve is a project that focuses on giving a luxurious experience for any type of wedding. Elisa Orsetti, the founder, not only organizes the wedding, but takes into consideration all the wishes of the bride and groom.

saveLe Rêve wedding planner in ItalyFind out more about Le Rêve
Photo: Le Rêve

Champagne Events Mexico

Champagne Events Mexico offers a service for those in need of a Mexican wedding. They know what to give and love every bit of it. They create, organize, coordinate and make weddings happen for those with a clear vision of what they want.

saveChampagne Events Mexico wedding planner in MexicoFind out more about Champagne Events Mexico
Photo: Champagne Events Mexico

Med in Style

This team of professionals will give you the traditional Mediterranean wedding in south Italy. If you want a beach themed union, they can get you exactly that. They will manage the restaurant, the menu, the location and the decoration. Check them out.

saveMed in Style wedding planner in NapoliFind out more about Med in Style
Photo: Med in Style

The White Rose Wedding

Up to 23 reviews want to clarify that The White Rose provides a service so unique they feel it can’t be replicated ever again. The team expresses their professionalism because they can achieve the wishes of very different type of customers thanks to their twenty years of experience.

saveThe White Rose Wedding offers all services for weddingsFind out more about The White Rose Wedding
Photo: The White Rose Wedding

The three key things to have for your wedding are a location, a photographer and a wedding planner to help you with wedding decoration. Those three elements must be chosen a year in advance, and it has to be ¡a perfect match!

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