How To Decorate a Rustic-Chic Wedding: 5 Creative Steps

Discover the perfect place for a rustic-chic weddings, and the elements that you should combine - such as colors - to make sure you get the style you've always wanted.

How To Decorate a Rustic-Chic Wedding: 5 Creative Steps
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The rustic-chic style continues to be one of the most popular wedding trends for 2019 and 2020 weddings. It incorporates natural tones, wild flowers, and the surrounding landscape into every intricate detail. So, if you’re getting married in the coming year, here’s the best 5 tips for creating the intimate and artistic ambience of a rustic wedding decor.

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Choose a venue that’s suits the rustic style


The rustic style requires a natural environment, the fresh air and rural elements, but if you choose a venue that’s a blank canvas, you can always add DIY decor that’s simply perfect for your desired theme. Think candles, twinkling fairy lights, glass jars, and wooden furniture – it really is that simple.

The key is to find the right balance between these natural elements and the venue space available. Think about the landscape surrounding your location, and match your decor accordingly.

If you are a big fan of the rustic style and you want more than anything to have your wedding outdoors in the countryside, then absolutely do it – an alfresco wedding under the stars is synonymous with rustic-chic. Use candles and rows of lights to illuminate the space. This will look great when integrated with the rest of the décor, and will also look very romantic when the darkness settles in.

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Photo: Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography
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Photo: Yeray Cruz

A truly magical place for a rustic wedding is, of course, the Colombian jungle. If you choose to have a destination wedding here, there’s no better venue than Hacienda del Bosque. Celebrate your wedding in an authentic nineteenth-century hacienda in Valle del Cauca. Its architectural air, the history it houses, its contemporary good taste, its nature among robust trees and gardens, are just some of the things that this rustic venue offers for the most amazing destination weddings. There’s also first-class cuisine served in the majestic colonial dining room.

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Photo: Hacienda Del Bosque, Colombia
saveHacienda del Bosque Find out more
Photo: Hacienda Del Bosque, Colombia

Incorporate nature

There’s a huge variety of elements that you can adapt to include in your rustic-style wedding, but at Zankyou we think that the best thing to do is to choose those aspects that will not go unnoticed, and that all of your guests will take the time to compliment you on. Wood, logs and stones: these are the rustic elements that will look seriously impressive on your big day. Also, don’t forget the flowers, they bring happiness and color to the decor – whilst also emitting the sweetest aromas.

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Photo: Monociclo
Photo: Fitz Carlile.

First the rustic, then the chic

Combine the natural elements mentioned above with accessories that will bring the chic aspect to your wedding, like porcelain accompaniments, vintage details such as old typewriters or candelabras, candles, lace tablecloths etc…

If you choose an imperial wood table, layer it with large draped lace, and in the center place wildflowers, crystal glasses, and a combination of greenery and wooden textures. Bring the outside in – it will give your wedding a lot of personality, and a really unique touch. Consider porcelain vases with color prints and unique patterns, forget about neutral and nude tones, and consider geometric designs too – your wedding will be a sensational sensory experience.

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Photo: Kate Ignatowski
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Photo: Yeray Cruz
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Experiment with color

As well as the natural colors that come from the environment around you (such as ash and green), you can use chic colors such as rose quartz, white and nude, or you could opt for more traditional rustic colors such as orange and coral. With this splash of color, your rustic-chic decorations – such as candles, glass jars and vases – will look amazing.

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Photo: Noé Ariza
saveFoto: Noé Ariza
Photo: Noé Ariza
Photo: José Villa
Photo: José Villa

Add some unique stationery

When it comes to rustic weddings, every detail counts, and you should make sure to not introduce any element that clashes with the overarching theme of the day. So, when it comes to the stationery – from the invites to the name-cards – have a play around with techniques to get that natural touch without losing the chic aspect. For example, you could use recyclable paper for your invitations, classical caligraphy, natural touches, and other bits like biodegradable confetti.

When it comes to decorating wedding itself, substitute the usual paper or card for something of a more natural substance. Consider using wood, candles or even slate boards instead of paper for the placeholders and the menus – so your wedding echoes the wonderful rural environment that surrounds you.

And there you have it – all the tools you need to achieve a DIY rustic-chic wedding. Your guests will be amazed at your creativity.

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