How To: Choose Your Wedding Flowers According to the Season

Flowers are the most popular decorative element in the majority of weddings the world over. But, if you're far from a floral professional and you need a little assistance in choosing which flowers are best for which season, look no further than our recommendations here!

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A wedding requires time to get everything organized so that it’s an unforgettable day in every way. With a million and one things to think about, at times it can be a bit overwhelming

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We become fixated on wanting everything to be perfect and that is why we try to choose the best in terms of location, catering, decoration and flowers. But, to make the right choice regarding the flowers, you have to take into account several factors, and one of the most important is the season in which you are going to get married.

Flowers are a dime a dozen and during each season we can choose the ones we like best and adapt them to the type of ceremony we want, but today we’re going to show you some of the most beautiful flowers available according to the season.

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Autumnal/Fall Flowers

Fall is a perfect season for getting married because of the colorful leaves and the countryside, and the fact that it is still not too cold for things to start freezing. Professional florists Flor Decor Barcelona say that the flowers must turn each event into something unique and very personal. That is why they offer unusual flowers and make unique combinations with fresh and top quality flowers.

Some of the most common flowers for fall are: dahlias, orchids, gardenias, gladioli, carnations, lilies, asters, gannets, cyclamen, agapanthus, chrysanthemums or heather.

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Winter Weddings

Weddings set in winter have their own special charm and the flowers that nature brings us at that time of year can be precious. As for the decoration, normally winter weddings are held indoors, so indoor decoration is the typical focus. This is also beneficial because flowers can spoil easily if left outside in the elements, particularly in extremely cold weather conditions.

Some of these flowers are: daisies, tulips, jasmine, camellias, gannets, bells of Ireland, lilies, cosmos

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Spring Flowers

It seems that spring is the season of flowers because spring is symbolic with new beginnings and the blooming of nature. It is also when the weather favors their growth so abundance of flowers is natural during this time, however, as seen from the examples above, it is not the only season to produce beautiful ones. Although it is true that spring allows us to choose some particularly spectacular flowers that can turn our event into a unique and visually appealing masterpiece.

If you’re getting married in spring, consider tulips, roses, violets, isis, daffodils, bougainvillea, peonies, pansies, sunflowers or flamingo flowers.

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Getting Married in Summer?

It is, without a doubt, the favorite season for many couples to get married because of the guaranteed good weather and more opportunities to get married outdoors, which is becoming increasingly popular among modern couples. If you’re having a summer wedding, experts recommend flowers such as gardenias, violets, freesias, magnolias, jasmines, irises, lilies … Although there are many varieties of plants that we can find in summer, these are perhaps the most common and easy to adapt to any kind of ceremony.

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As you can see, many of the flowers that we have mentioned are not only found in certain seasons but are also timeless and can be chosen for practically any time of year. Others, however, require a specific climate for them to grow and to keep well throughout the day.

It is best to consult the professional florists in your area so that they can help you choose the flowers most suitable for your wedding and assist you in choosing color schemes etc.

Which flowers are you favorites? Do let us know! Also, make sure to click here for more flower inspiration!

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