Honeymoons for Adventurous Couples: 5 Unforgettable Destinations

Cold, heat, desert, glaciers...there's something for everyone in this list of adventure-seekers' perfect honeymoon destinations that we have created for you! Which one would you choose?

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There was a time when honeymoons were synonymous with total relaxation and rest. To a large extent they still are, but for Generation Y couples, honeymoons that also incorporate some adventure and action tend to appeal more. Increasingly people are seeing honeymoons as the perfect chance to take that ‘trip of a lifetime’.


For all you adventurous honeymooners out there looking to make your trip absolutely unforgettable, make sure you read on for our top honeymoon destinations that are undeniably romantic, bursting with culture and a whole bunch of things to do too!

1. Livingstone, Republic of Zambia

If you’re a nature lover looking to get away then this is the honeymoon for you. Just make sure you can stand the heat and humidity here! However, there are the gorgeous Victoria Falls in Livingstone that you can visit for a dip if the heat gets too much. To give you an idea of the natural beauty of these waterfalls, the waterfall itself is over twice as large as Niagara Falls, making this a unique and totally unforgettable experience.

saveFoto: Vadim Petrakov
Photo: Vadim Petrakov

During May, through to November, you can also visit Devil’s Pool, a naturally formed wall that you can visit to enjoy some spectacular views of the falls. The most daring among you may even have a go at the 103 metre jump into the falls below. Or, if you fancy something a bit safer but equally as exhilarating, why not have a go at rafting or take a safari instead? 

saveFoto: Tamer Desouky
Photo: Tamer Desouky

2.Tahiti, Bora Bora

Located in French Polynesia, north west of Tahiti this relatively small island, with an area of 259 square kilometres is bursting with life and surprises for its visitors.There are a whole host of luxury hotels on offer with not a single resort in sight, meaning you never have that feeling of holidaying with everyone else. Most of the types of accommodation available are little huts on stilts in the sea with stunning views of the crystal clear waters beyond.

savesplendia bora bora
Photo: Splendia

As might be expected, some of Bora Bora’s best attractions include its coral reefs and canoe trips. For the real nature lovers among you there is also the option of feeding fish, sharks and stingrays. Or, if that’s not really for you, then why not take a day off from adventure and relax at the Matira Beach and take in your wonderful surroundings?

savePraia: Matira Beach - Foto: Zeynep Demir
Matira Beach – Photo: Zeynep Demir

3. Marrakech, Morocco

Located in the middle of the desert among snake charmers and a unique landscape, Marrakech has the largest market in the whole of Morocco and is home to one of the most crowded squares in Africa and possibly the world. What we’re trying to say is that Marrakech is brimming with culture and is a must-visit location for the adventurers among you! Even just walking through the city’s streets you will see dancers, musicians and even acrobats performing for passers-by. One of Marrakech’s real treasures is its street food. You can find all sorts of dishes along the little side streets all made with the most wonderful spices.

saveFoto: Matej Kastelic
Photo: Matej Kastelic

Some of the most popular places to visit include the Gardens of Menara in the Koutoubia Mosque and Plage Rouge. You could even take a camel or donkey ride to get to the Kasbah Mosque and stop to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views that Africa has to offer.

saveFoto: Posztos
Photo: Posztos

A great option is to also seek out some of the lesser known places, of which there are plenty waiting to be explored. Why not see if you could find an unspoiled beach to enjoy an evening on?

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4. Dubai, UAE

Nowhere in the world does luxury quite like Dubai. Visiting Dubai is one of the best investments you can make in terms of a honeymoon destination. The city is full of pizazz and is home to an amazing fusion of glamour and ancient tradition and civilisation from an age gone by. The list of attractions is endless: you could visit the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa), or an artificial palm-shaped island and one of the largest shopping malls on the planet.

saveFoto: Luciano Mortula
Photo: Luciano Mortula

Whilst you are here make sure that you visit the Grand Mosque. Unless you are Muslim you are not allowed to enter but the architecture can still be enjoyed from the outside. If you’re looking for something a bit more lively then make sure you get yourself to the Jumana Show. It’s a show that includes all sorts of music and dance acts as well as fireworks and much more. Take it from us, it is well worth the visit.

saveFoto: Subbotina Anna
Photo: Subbotina Anna

5. Isle of Spitsbergen, Norway

Nestled between the Arctic Ocean, the Barents Sea and Greenland, this island was the inspiration for the Disney box office hit ‘Frozen’. This island certainly offers a frozen adventure…in summer, temperatures tend to average around 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and drop as low as -16 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. With these sort of temperatures get ready to see some of the most impressive natural scenery on the earth along with its inhabitants.

saveFoto: Incredible Arctic
Photo: Incredible Arctic

You will have the opportunity to see polar bears in the wild during one-in-a-lifetime adventures in the snow. You’ll even get to see the incredible Monacobreen glacier. You could also take a motorcycle ride through the snow and watch the Aurora Borealis, or even a dog sled excursion and visit some of the most amazing ice caves on the planet!

saveFoto: Kris Grabiec
Photo: Kris Grabiec

These were 5 amazing destinations for an adventure-seeker’s perfect honeymoon. If you have any more suggestions, do let us know!

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