Honeymoon in Mauritius: Multicultural Paradise in the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is a slice of paradise, perfect for the honeymoon of a lifetime. If you're curious to find out more, check out this article at once!

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With its dense vegetation in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, famous for its crystalline beaches and white sands, awaits you for the perfect honeymoon. The tranquility and cultural variety that can be found here, make this island one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Curious to get to know Mauritius?

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Its official name is Republic of Mauritius, but in America it is better known as Mauritius. With a tropical climate tempered by ocean water, coconut-covered grounds and surrounded by blue lagoons, thanks to the stunning coral reef, Mauritius reveals  all its beauty and magnificence.

Mauritius was a Portuguese, Dutch, British and French colony, which makes this place an authentic cultural mix. Today, Europeans, Africans, Indians and Chinese live in perfect harmony there. And the best thing is, with such diversity of people and culture, you can enjoy a true gastronomic festival, experiencing the best of cuisines from different countries.

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Impressive Beaches

Another striking feature of Mauritius is its long coastline. There are more than 165 km of beaches of fine white sand. An all-out highlight goes to the coral reef that surrounds the island. As it is not a very windy place, the beaches don’t have big waves, ensuring a calm and tranquil sea.

The tourist area is the north coast, where most luxury hotels are concentrated and where much of the water activities are organized. It is the area where there is greater sun intensity. On this coast you can enjoy the beach of Grand Baie (Grand Bay) with numerous hotels or the beach Trou aux Biches, which is extensive and where the residents of Mauritius usually rest on their days off.

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On the other hand, the east coast is where the most virgin beaches of the island are, where mass tourism is scarce and you will be able to enjoy the incredible scenery of the lagoons. The region of Morne Brabant is a paradise surrounded by a landscape very similar to the African savannah, where you will discover some traces of the wars between English and French.

However, if you decide to choose Mauritius as your honeymoon destination, you can’t miss going to Île aux Cerfs where many consider it one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. Located in front of the coast and characterized by beaches of beautiful blue water and fascinating wildlife, it is probably the most romantic and pleasant place in the country.

When hotels organize day trips on catamarans, they usually include onboard meals, sea baths and some, including snorkeling. You can also play golf in an impressive course and enjoy a great meal in one of the many local restaurants.

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Photo vía Shutterstock: KKulikov


If you travel to Mauritius, you will probably be dazzled by the sea and the sun. And without leaving out the intimate and romantic moments, you can still enjoy various water activities, since in most luxury hotels these activities are included.

Thanks to the constant wind and the calm water lagoons, windsurfing and kitesurfing are very common. In recent years, another sport has come to stay – paddleboarding.

Of course, diving and snorkeling are essential in Mauritius. And the coral reefs that surround the island guarantee the impressive variety of fish that can be seen. Luckily, the clear water makes it easy to see the rich fauna without the need to dive.

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From the colonization of Port Louis to the greatness of the temples

But it is not just the beach that Mauritius lives on. The ideal scenario is to stay at least a week on the island and take three days to get to know all the tourist activities. The best way is to start with the capital, Port Louis, which was founded by the Dutch. The architecture of the place will amaze you, because you will see the perfect blend of modern buildings and colonial buildings and you can even enjoy a spectacular stroll along Caudan Waterfront.

Just 11 km from Port Louis is the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere, perfect for a romantic occasion such as a honeymoon.

On the other side, nature is mentioned in the temples of Grand Bassin, one of the most spectacular places in the south of the island. There are some Hindu temples that attract worshipers most of the year.

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Photo vía Shutterstock: BlueOrange Studio

Pure Luxury

The offer of Mauritius hotels is incredible. They are places worthy of kings, where you and your love will enjoy the most special journey of your life, without a doubt!

On the north coast the Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Resort & Spa is great highlight. With luxurious apartments overlooking a breathtaking sunset, the hotel is considered by many to be the most romantic on the island. And not only that, the hotel is the first eco-friendly hotel on Mauritius, a unique place of privacy, space and romance.

Also on this coast are The Oberoi, an incredible luxury experience, Constance Le Prince Maurice, Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa and Le Palmiste Hotel.

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Photo: Le Palmiste Hotel
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Photo: Lux Belle Mare

Choosing Mauritius as a honeymoon destination is the same as choosing the tranquility of a piece of paradise on earth – a magical place that brings together incredible beaches and amazing cultures. Choosing Mauritius is to choose one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

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