Honeymoon in Europe: 10 Of The Most Luxurious Places To Stay

Flying off to Europe for your honeymoon is one of the best ways to spend your first holiday as a married couple, so make sure it's even more memorable by staying in a luxury hotel! Check out our favorites here.

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Jetting off to Europe on your honeymoon is very popular amongst many American couples looking for a bit of culture and history in a city break, as opposed to the sun-seekers who tend to head towards the Bahamas or further afield to warmer climates in Mexico and Brazil. Flying to the continent can be expensive in and of itself, and so we at Zankyou think why not spend a little extra and stay in one of the more luxurious hotels available? And so, in amongst some of our favourite European city destination, we have scouted out the best of the best to help you decide where to stay for your first holiday as a married couple!

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Regent Berlin, Berlin

The Regent Berlin is one of two Regent Hotels within Germany, the other being in the large southern city of Munich. Whilst both are similarly luxurious, as you can see from the small glimpse we can give you in the photos below (!), we at Zankyou recommend the Berlin venue purely because of its location. The capital city of Germany is one of the most astounding destinations in Western Europe, steeped in history, and positively vibrating with life and excitement. There is plenty to do whilst on a honeymoon, and no better place to stay than the Regent.

Located around from the corner from the Französische underground station, the Regent offers a variety of rooms for a variety of prices – though all are rated 5*! There are 8 different sizes and styles of room, beginning at $210 per night for a superior room, and ending at just over $4550 per night for the Presidential Suite, which has three separate rooms, and a view of the Berliner Dom – a gorgeous 15th century cathedral – and most importantly, bar service! Top it off with an all-inclusive spa and wellness centre, and you have the perfect destination for a lively honeymoon for you and your spouse!

saveRegent BerlinLearn more about “Regent Berlin”
Photo: Regent Berlin
saveRegent BerlinLearn more about “Regent Berlin”
Photo: Regent Berlin

Albatroz Hotel, Lisbon 

The unacknowledged food capital of Europe, Portugal is rapidly becoming a top destination for honeymooners. The capital city of Lisbon is unmissable if you’re in the country – beautiful rustic buildings painted in all kinds of pastel colors, or decorated with intricately-patterned tiles are everywhere you look, and there is a great collection of museums to visit (we recommend the Gulbenkian Foundation for its gorgeous gardens!). Did we also mention that Lisbon is by the sea?

The Albatroz Hotel, located only forty minutes from the city centre, has absolutely spectacular views of the coast, and is itself located along a small strip of private beach along the Bay of Cascais. Prices begin at a very reasonable $170 per night for a Collection Room, and the most expensive Suite Sea View rooms (as pictured below) are capped at $500 per night. Within reach of an award-winning gastronomic quarter, and with activities such as wine-tasting and cooking classes available within the hotel, this is the ideal location for a chilled out honeymoon in an intimate city. 

saveAlbatroz HotelLearn more about “Albatroz Hotel”
Photo: The Albatroz Hotel
saveAlbatroz Hotel Learn more about “Albatroz Hotel ”
Photo: The Albatroz Hotel

Westin Excelsior, Rome

Frequently used by the great bard himself as a location for his most romantic plays, Italy is the jewel of the Mediterranean, and one of the best places without a doubt to visit on your honeymoon. From Verona to Venice, Italy is famed for its couples’ attractions, and Rome is no exception. Colosseum and the Vatican aside, there is adventure to be found down every side street, and romance in the air everywhere you go.

The Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome is one of the most impressive hotels in a city that is full of grandeur and towering architecture. Located in the city centre next to the Spanish Steps, the Westin Excelsior varies in price from $230 per night to a quite appropriate $8,000 per night for the Imperial Suite as pictured here (there’s also a Penthouse Suite – a rooftop villa with seven rooms and a jacuzzi – but at $13,830 a night…we thought it best to draw the line!) There is a sense of regal majesty surrounding the Westin Excelsior, and one that is completely intoxicating – just the atmosphere you want for a sensual honeymoon trip. 

saveWestin ExcelsiorLearn more about “Westin Excelsior”
Photo: Westin Excelsior
saveWestin Excelsior Learn more about “Westin Excelsior ”
Photo: Westin Excelsior

Delta Hotel, Vlaardingen

Twenty minutes from the modern city of Rotterdam, with an idyllic view of the ocean, the Delta Hotel in Vlaardingen is one of the more affordable hotels included within this profile. With prices generally remaining within the $90-$290 per night bracket – the latter of which is the cost associated with their exclusive bridal suite, which boasts of a 2-person bath-tub and champagne service – this is an exciting, new kind of European hotel, located in the one of the up and coming Dutch neighborhoods.

The Netherlands is most commonly known for Amsterdam, and whilst the capital is very romantic, it is also chock full of tourists every month of the year. For this reason, we at Zankyou recommend Rotterdam as an alternative – a breath of fresh air, and modelled after New York, the mix of metallic high-rise buildings and old Renaissance-era architecture that survived WWII is a beautiful backdrop for your honeymoon. Away from the bustling streets of Amsterdam, but still brimming with culture, the Delta Hotel in Rotterdam comes highly recommended!

saveDelta Hotel Learn more about “Delta Hotel ”
Photo: Delta Hotel
saveDelta Hotel Learn more about “Delta Hotel ”
Photo: Delta Hotel

Hotel Casa Fuster, Barcelona

Barcelona is far more than people imagine it to be. You will have probably heard of the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, famously still being built, and perhaps Las Ramblas, but beyond that, this Catalonian city remains widely undiscovered by visitors. And it’s a crying shame! Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, and is the perfect mix of busy and tranquil for honeymooners, especially being right along the coast. Of course, avoid Barcelona in the summer months, but if you’re marrying between September and May, it’s perfect!

The Hotel Casa Fuster is one of our favorite venues for your honeymoon within the city. Gorgeous and undeniably picturesque, rooms range from between $320-€2550 per night, with the latter the price for the aptly named Grand Suite, the Casa Fuster is minutes from the nearest metro station, and comes equipped with a terrace/bar and an inside pool to relax in. An iconic, Modernist-styled building, this hotel is famed for its impeccable service and many amenities – so get lost in the winding streets of Barcelona and then retire to your incredible suite here!

saveHotel Casa Fuster Learn more about “Hotel Casa Fuster ”
Photo: Hotel Casa Fuster
saveHotel Casa FusterLearn more about “Hotel Casa Fuster”
Photo: Maruhouse.eu

Hotel Villa Magna, Madrid

Whilst we are on the topic of Spain, we would be remiss to leave out Madrid. The capital city is home to just over 3 million people, and perhaps its nearest equivalent is London – the city never sleeps, with art on every street corner and too many museums for any one person to visit. With a rich cuisine and culture, Madrid should not be left off of your list of potential honeymoon destinations. With enough to keep you busy for a week, and with easy access to the classic nearby towns of Toledo and Segovia, Madrid is perfect for young couples seeking new experiences. 

The Hotel Villa Magna is a feat of contemporary design and elegance. Rated 5* for a reason, and with a spa included (ideal, as the nearest beach is several hours away by train), the Villa Magna is a chic and sleek place to enjoy access to the best that Madrid has to offer. It is located near the Plaza de España, and close to the city centre in Sol – the heart of the city. With prices sliding on a scale from $500 to $1850 per night, this is an option open to many bridal couples, and one that should definitely be taken up upon!

saveHotel Villa Magna Learn more about “Hotel Villa Magna ”
Photo: Hotel Villa Magna
saveHotel Villa Magna Learn more about “Hotel Villa Magna ”
Photo: Hotel Villa Magna

The Ritz, London

London is one of the infamous places in the world. A hub of activity – from the arts to the banking sector, and the birthplace of modern grime music – even its oldest residents still have not uncovered all of its secrets, although you might be lucky and uncover a cool underground bar, or a quaint offbeat gallery if you decide to try it out for yourself. British people are not under illusion that London is a particularly beautiful or scenic place, and so you shouldn’t be either, but if you’re looking for non-stop adventure, then London is where you need to go.

And of course, when mulling over the most luxurious hotels, the Ritz London is our go-to example. Renowned globally for the quality of its rooms and services, the Ritz will charge you a pretty $1,150-$4,600 per night for a room, but it’s worth the fee just to be able to say you’ve stayed there – alongside the 5* service, the interior salon, famed afternoon tea services, grand dining rooms (fit for Prime Ministers), incredible gardens and, well, you’re getting the picture by now we’re sure… Described by the darling Jackie O as “paradise”, if you can, choose the Ritz!

saveRitz LondonLearn more about “Ritz London”
Photo: Formula Voyage
saveRitz LondonLearn more about “Ritz London”
Photo: The Ritz London

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

Ah Paris, the most romantic city in the world if we are to believe the literature, the art, the films, the stories… (alright, we do!). Perhaps the ultimate destination for city-seeking honeymooners, Paris is teeming with culture – from the Louvre to the lesser known Musée de l’Orangerie, and of course, the picture that everyone wants so they can make their friends jealous – that perfect snapshot by the Eiffel Tower. There is enough in this city to keep you going for years, and the Parisian nightlife is envied all across Europe for its sophistication and outrageous sexuality.

The Shangri-La Hotel in Paris is the French equivalent to the Ritz, and then some. With its most expensive room – at a slightly breathtaking $6300 per night – boasting a panoramic view of the aforementioned Dame de Fer, the Shangri-La is famous in France for its luxury and incredible service (and let us not forget the heated floors also). Spend your days exploring the beautiful Parisian palaces, and then return to a palace of your own! Truly, there can be no finer place to spend your honeymoon in France than the Shangri-La.

saveShangri-La HotelLearn more about “Shangri-La Hotel”
Photo: Luxury Hunt
saveShangri-La HotelLearn more about “Shangri-La Hotel”
Paris: Shangri-La Hotel

Wellness and Spa Hotel, Bern 

The Wellness and Spa Hotel Ermitage in Bern is the perfect honeymoon destination if you’re looking for a taste of Europe, but outside of the hustle and bustle of a city centre. With a view that appears to have been directly lifted from the front of a postcard, Bern is the place to be if you want to de-stress after the months of wedding planning, and have a little more privacy than you may get in a busy city centre. The 3500 m2 of spa might also help with that part! And with plenty of couple therapies, you will really get to spend some much-needed downtime together.

All of the rooms at the Wellness and Spa Hotel come with 3/4 board gourmet dining, exclusive access to the spa and wellness facilities, and are at an incredible price. The most you will pay at any time during the year aside from Christmas and New Year is $500 per night, and this is for a room that includes a balcony, a panoramic jacuzzi and a steam shower… What more could you want! For the ultimate secluded getaway, check out Bern for a honeymoon that will leave you the most relaxed you’ve felt in years. 

saveHotel ErmitageLearn more about “Hotel Ermitage”
Photo: Wellness and Spa Hotel Ermitage
saveHotel ErmitageLearn more about “Hotel Ermitage”
Photo: Booking.com

Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa, Porto

Returning to Portugal for our last stop, we make a stop in Lisbon’s rival city, Porto. The two cities are completely distinct, with Porto offering a more traditional insight into Portuguese culture and history, with its small size and more historical buildings. Whereas Lisbon has undergone renovation due to the amount of tourists, Porto remains relatively untouched; although there is perhaps less to do, it has some of the most beautiful coastal views in Europe, and its Ribeira district is awe-inspiring!

Located forty minutes away in Amarante, the Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa is set in an area considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in one of the best wine regions of the country. Amongst one of the most startlingly attractive views we have ever seen, this hotel is available for between $170-$290 per night; however, a special feature is the packages that are on offer, including the “Royal Douro Experience”. At a reasonable $430pp, this includes accommodation for two nights, a 3 course meal in the Palato D’Ouro restaurant, a river cruise and guided wine-tasting tour. For countryside beauty and luxury treatment, check out Amarante!

saveDouro Royal Valley Hotel & SpaLearn more about “Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa”
Photo: Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa
saveDouro Royal Valley Hotel & SpaLearn more about “Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa”
Photo: Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa

Of course, the best destination for your honeymoon is dependent on a number of things: the time of year, your particular preferences, language barriers, and finances. But at Zankyou, we can absolutely guarantee that any place you visit in our above list will serve you well – and any of the cities too! And if you’re still looking for options, don’t hesitate in checking out our honeymoon page, with advice on all manner of topics. Read with Zankyou, and make sure you have the most incredible time!

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