High Heel Protectors: Save Your Heels and Your day!

Enjoy your wedding day without having to sink stilettos in grass or between boards!

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It´s a beautiful day for a wedding or an outdoor celebration, you´re all dolled up and have your killer heels on ready to take on the world.  All of sudden BAM! You sink about 2 inches into the grass and almost lose your balance. I can assure you that about 80% of us have experienced this- and isn’t this the worst?  Especially because we all have a soft spot for five inch stiletto heels, often making it impossible to walk in.

Stiletto high heels were never meant to be worn at outdoor occasions. All together, a bride and her guests always have to choose a wedge and or flats down the wedding aisle. My stylish brides and attendees can stop worrying about their shoe selection by trying heel protectors. But not just any heel protector because we´ve all seen these helpful little things gone wrong. Yes, we said it. Not all heel protectors are fashionably acceptable.

We´ve been on the hunt to find fashionable heel protectors and have had some luck. Originally made in the USA, the Sole mates High Heeler are a girl’s best friend. They not only prevent you from sinking into the grass, but protect your precious heels that sometimes cost fortunes. It doesn´t stop here- these awesome heel protectors also prevent damage to different floors,  are reusable and even machine washable. They come in 3 different sizes, narrow, classic and wide.  Did I forget to mention that they also come in various colors (clear, gold, silver, and black). Can you say good investment? No your favorite heels will definitely live longer!

Enjoy your wedding day without having to sink any longer and better yet win the fashionista award!

So where can you buy these genius heel savers? Pick-up a pair of Sole Mates high heelers in stores such as Nordstroms, DSW,  David´s Bridal, Bed Bath and Beyond, Van Maour just to name a few. You can also them purchase on the Sole Mates website and get them shipped to your door step.

What type of heel is wedding appropriate?


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