Covering a tattoo on your wedding day

Have you got a butterfly tattooed on your shoulder that clashes with your elegant gown? Are you worried about what your Aunt Gladys will think about the Chinese symbol for destiny etched onto your bicep? If you’ve got a tattoo that you’d like to keep under wraps for your wedding day, Ferbs Cosmetics has the answer.

The wonders of make-up can transform your tattoo for your big day

The folks at Ferbs Cosmetics – and we at Zk – love tattoos, embrace self expression and encourage individualism. But we also recognize that there may be days when you feel like showing a slightly different side of yourself, like your wedding day. Ferbs Cosmetics’ has the mission statement, ‘Conceal Your Image, Not Your Identity’, aiming not to impel tattoo cover up but instead support those who choose to cover a tattoo.

A tattoo before applying Ferbs Cosmetics temporary tattoo cover-up

Ferbs products involve a base layer of foundation and a setting powder to ensure that your tattoo will stay covered from ‘I do’s’ to dancing the night away. Their tattoo-covering kits start at just $29.99, or you can order a sample for just $0.99 to practice for your big day!

The same tattoo after a Ferbs makeover!

For our brides (and grooms!) with tattoos – do you plan to proudly show off your ink on your wedding day, or do you prefer to cover up? Does family pressure play a factor in covering up tattoos for formal events? Do you and your beloved have matching tattoos, or would you ever consider getting a tattoo of your new husband or wife’s name? Sound off in the comments section!

For more information on Ferbs Cosmetics, visit their website: http://ferbscosmetics.com/

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May 14, 2010

I think I’d like to cover up my tattoos so this is a great idea! THANKS! 🙂


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