Having an Alcohol-Free Wedding? Discover the best Mocktails for your Big Day!

Check out our ideas for the execution of a perfect teetotal wedding!

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There are so many things to think about when preparing your wedding menu. Only those who have prepared a wedding reception will know what we’re talking about. From sweet to savoury to the table centerpieces, everything has to be carefully considered in advance. And the drinks are no exception! Of course, flutes of champagne are fabulous, but then there are those who don’t drink alcohol – what are they going to drink?

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Zankyou has the answer: great, non-alcoholic drinks for children and adults alike!

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Photo: Shutterstock – Alena Haurylik

Teas and Infusions

More and more teahouses, restaurants and cafés now market infusions from various parts of the world, with varied aromas of fruit, spices or flowers becoming increasingly fashionable. We suggest, therefore, that surprise your guests with unusually-flavoured infusions. This drink is brilliant because it can be served hot or cold, and at any time of year. In summer you can delight guests with a fresher flavor, such as mint or lemon. In winter, we suggest red fruit tea or something spiced. (Teas from India are perfect for this.) You may have noticed that in teahouses there are uniquely shaped pots, filled with steaming herbal infusions. Why not do the same for your wedding? Let your friends mix flavors that they like to create their perfect infusion – it’s playful and fun for all ages!

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Natural Fruit Juices

Who hasn’t heard of Valencian oranges? These, or any other pressed fruits, are refreshing and nutritious. They are loaded with vitamins, great for revitalizing guests who don’t want the party to end. You can get really creative and make all kinds of fruity concoctions, from sweet smoothies to healthy green juices. And why not take advantage of leftovers for decoration purposes? You can always prepare a beautiful table of fruit alongside a blender, so that your guests can delight in inventing new flavors. Alternatively, leave the description on several jugs of juices, with varied bright colours inviting guests to try them.

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 Who said that cocktails have to contain alcohol? Good bartenders can always create virgin/non-alcoholic drinks that are just as delicious, and your guests will love them. For example, ever tried a virgin Piña Colada? It is to die for. Other classics include the Shirley Temple, the Cinderella, and the Champomax. In fact, these are so easy to make that you won’t even need a bartender!

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Photo: Shutterstock – santypan
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Drinks for Kids

Kids liven up any party, so they deserve drinks that are more exciting than just water. These may include your favorite soft drinks, but a bit of decoration and thought goes a long way – a crazy glass or straw here, a cocktail umbrella there… For those that want to play grown-up, fizzy apple juice in faux champagne flutes goes down a treat!

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Photo: Shutterstock – Wichai Sittipan

Click here for some awesome mocktail ideas! If you can’t help but want a bit of alcohol at your wedding, check out our alcoholic cocktail ideas here!

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