Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes that Look Too Good to Eat: Get Inspired by this Trend for 2017!

Do you want to impress your guests? Wow them with a hand-painted cake that is an edible work of art!

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Dating back to Ancient Rome, a wedding cake is considered one of the most important traditions in a marriage feast. It is a symbol of prosperity and luck, and over time these famous delights have evolved to incorporate different flavors, designs and trends. Here at Zankyou we are all about cakes that are equally beautiful and delicious, and so we present you the most irresistible hand-painted cakes. Delicious artwork!

As a new and original trend, painted cakes are original creations meaning that no two cakes will be the same. Together with your partner you can choose from countless inspirations that reflect the theme that you have chosen for your wedding.

1. Floral & Pastel

Undoubtedly, flowers are always among the most requested designs by brides. Whether in vivid or soft colors, they will always be a good reason to get the guests talking.

save V Rebel Cinema One
V Rebel Cinema One

2. Watercolor-Effect

A perfect choice for a romantic and modern wedding! These beautiful brushstrokes have come to stay as one of the best options for the bride and groom looking for an original motif on their cakes. The add a delicate and relaxed look to any cake, and can be done in any color scheme of your choice.

saveGreen Wedding Shoes
Green Wedding Shoes
savePastelería CarameloLearn more about “Pastelería Caramelo”
Pastelería Caramelo

3. Artistic

These cakes are considered true works of art. They even look too good to eat! Without a doubt, it will be one of the biggest attractions of the party if you opt for this model due to the intricacy of its design.

saveCakes Haute Couture
Cakes Haute Couture

4. Ombré

A high-impact design! Cool, modern and bang on trend, the ombré effect is becoming increasingly popular in wedding cakes. Starting with the stronger color at the bottom, it then bleeds out until it finishes at the top in white, like a gradient effect. Just beautiful!


 5. Geometric

As a modern and innovative option, geometric cakes are winning the hearts of minimalist brides and grooms. Elegant and surprising, these designs can even be used with a 3D effect to give it a more contemporary look.


6. Stained Glass

This style imitates the craft technique based on colorful pieces of glass, which are coated in enamel to create different scenes. Dark line work is used to give more dimension and definition to the designs. If you’ve ever been wowed by the stained glass windows of a cathedral, then consider having your wedding cake make the same impact on your guests.

savePasteles artísticos de Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin
saveCake Chooser
Cake Chooser

7. Vintage

Fall in love with these designs based on the handwriting, the old images and the elegant charm of the last few decades. The result comes through delicate and soft. This style is typically done by using pastels, and in some cases even details in gold or silver around the outlines. Super romantic!

savePasteles artísticos de Maggie Austin
Maggie Austin
saveCake Chooser
Cake Chooser

8. Tattoo-Effect

Ink lovers, get ready! Now you can take your love of tattoos and apply it to you own personalized tattoo-effect wedding cake! You can choose whichever design you like, be it old school, new school, Celtic, religious and much more. A perfect way to create a unique and fun cake.

saveCake Chooser
Cake Chooser

We’re sure by now that you have your eye on more than one! If that’s the case then we advise that before choosing the design that you like, be clear on the style, colors and theme that you are going to follow in your wedding so that your cake coordinates well with everything else. So which design is your favorite? Let us know!

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